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How to include loading message in a portal iView (EP6 SP2)

I have seen few threads about displaying a loading message in an iView.  Hence I am writing this article to explain one of the ways to include loading message. You can also use this approach for BW reports using EPCFPROXY.

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  • We are trying to make this work with JSPDynPage that is loading slow on our portal (EP6 SP2). But the instructions are not very detailed to figure out how to display the loading message while the processing is done in the PageProcessorComponent, since it sets JSP page at the end of processing and the jsp page is the only place we can figure out where to place the javascript code. Can you plese elaborate on that part? We just need to give the user some indication that it is coming up instead of the blank screen. Thank you so much.
    • Create seperate iView and put the code mentioned in step 1. This iView will not have any HTML/HTMLB elements. Hence user will not see this hidden iView. (Offcourse you have to change "show tray" property to "No".

      and place the javascript mentioned in Step 3 in your actual report(in jsp) that is taking long time.


      • Hi Raja.

        I read your blog a sometime back. Before reading your blog i had also tried in several ways to display the Loading.. message bcos this req is always at the clients mind for iViews which time to load but was not successful.
        I read your blog and implemented it.But as suggested by others also, the code that you have given have few things missing. After a few manupilations in your code,i finally made it working. and now it is appearing as it appears in standard SAP screens like iViews editor etc..
        I would suggest you to make some modifications in your blog as  have seen many threads on the same issue.

        Thanx for the blog.

        Gaurav Gandhi

        • Dear gaurav,

          Its a very simple weblog with two iViews, bit of javascript and div tag. In order to understand the weblog correctly,reader need to have understanding of "DIV" tag, javascript and EPCF framework of portal. I dont know what to do modify in my weblog!.. Can you elaborate more ?

          All discussions regarding "Loading" message started after posting this web log. Hence i see my web log as a starting point for those discussions.

        • Hi Gaurav,

          I am trying to implement this and would really appriciate if you could tell me what is missing in the code!

          I have a Java iView TeamExplorer and would like to have a loading message for the customer, when it extracts data. Should the script in step 3. be included in the iView applet java code or should it be in the html page.

          I am new at this and hope this is not a stupid question, and that you will reply.

          Kind Regards,
          Allan Brauer

  • Hi,

    I am having an iView (DynPage), and i try to include the code in the doInitialization Method using the method getDocument().addRawText( code goes here);, but it doesn't seem to work. Do i still have to create a Loader.par and then create another iView out of it? My situation is the following: i have a form tray where the user enters some data, and then a tableView tray below it, where the users sees the data, after it has been retrieved. The problem is that this takes some time, so I'd like to display a loading message when the user submits the input entered in the form. Where exactly , and in which method of the DynPage (doInitialization(), doProcessBeforeOutput(), etc. ) do i have to include this loading code?


  • Hi Arul

    Thanks for the weblog, however you must forgive me as I am very new to Netweaver and portals. I have a strong ABAP background so the java is also something I am learning.

    I have setup the Netweaver developer studio and Java Development role in my portal and would like to implement the "Loading...." message when a BW report is loading, however I need to know where to start and there are not many helpful tutorials.

    1. Create a java iview with the following script.

    This is your first point however as the developer studio is unfamiliar to me could you possibly give me step-by-step instructions?

    I would be most thankful for any info you may give me as I am rapudly running out of time to get this implemented for our customer.


  • Even though I am experienced Java developer I am puzzled as Anthony Poltera. Using the Netweaver Development Studio what type of project do I create? Where do I put the code that Arul lists? In a script file or in Jsp file? Can you please be a little more specific. Thank you