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Best in the SDN Lifetime (mainly 2004)

SAP Community came up with the Best Of 2004 idea and we liked it collected our own Best of SDN in 2004 list and worked together to have it available at the same time. Hope you like it. Following SDN Best of 2004 … I even slipped in BSP Programming: Handling Of Non-HTML Documents Weblog post from late 2003 . After all this is the first time we put this collection together, so please excuse that we played a bit loose with the dates.

And you may ask yourself-well…how did I get here? No wait, that is a line of the Talking Heads’ song Once in a lifetime. Start again: You may ask yourself, how do they get there, as in why is this content on top and not the other? Here some explanation.

The 5 best Weblog posts and there were really so many good ones to choose from:

  • BSP/HowTo: Generate PDF Output from a BSP. As SDN Best of 2004 … said, this one was a real collaborative effort from many Durairaj Athavan Raja, Ulli Hoffmann, Subramanian Venkateswaran, Eddy De Clercq and let’s not forget Craig himself too. That so nicely demonstrates the power that SDN is offering to it’s members. Well done.
  • ABAP Geek 1 – ABAP Program Attributes This post kicked off Horst Keller’s most viewed Weblog series in 2004.
  • Sending E-Mail from ABAP – Version 46D and Lower – API Interface No list of Best Weblog posts on SDN would be complete without one from the maestro himself: Thomas Jung.
  • BSP Programming: Handling Of Non-HTML Documents This one we slipped in from September 2003. Brian McKellar set the bar with his Blog posts in 2003. Lately we are missing his excellent contributions, but rest assured, he is just making sure that good code gets delivered in the next release. He will be back.
  • SAP NetWeaver Update – October 2004 You may think we only put this one in to make good weather with the upper echelon of SAP, but think about it: Not only is Shai Agassi taking time out of his busy schedule to write his own Weblog, but he has also responded to the comments made to his posts. Last week he even commented to someone else’s Venture Venture. This proofs, that he is reading SDN on a regular bases and is interested in a dialog with the SDN Developer Community. Where else can your ideas reach into the boardroom of a big company that easily?

Forum posts. Nowadays we are averaging about 300 posts a day. These are a lot of posts and so I am quite convinced, that some of the very best ones I have overlooked. Still here are 5 good ones:

  • Re: Dynamic table Subramanian Venkateswaran probably got his first blue star on this one. Congratulations.
  • /thread/16046 [original link is broken] Nice exchange between SDN members.
  • Solution for the Problem decribed in Craig’s Weblog This one was part of a whole flurry of activity with Brian offering points for the solution, with Weblog posts that seemed to work, but didn’t and got retracted in shame 🙂 and a final solution from Dagfinn Parnas. Got double points for it being suggested in the SDN Content Suggestion forum.
  • SAP BW Certification This post helps people to prepare for BW Certification.
  • Beam me up, Scotty :^O Quantum Entanglement on SDN? Loved Stefan Klensch’s humor. Very funny.

If you don’t agree with these, you had your chances to nominate the better content at the SDN Best of 2004 … forum post, where you still can voice your opinion or you can post a comment here.

Best in the SDN Lifetime, water flowing underground.
Not the same as it ever was. Not the same as it ever was.

My appologees to David Byrne.

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  • Hi Mark,

    please have a look at the following snippet from the "Quantum Entanglement and Information" article:

    Suppose we have a black box that evaluates a function f. The arguments of f (inputs) are either 0 or 1. The values (outputs) of f (which are also 0 or 1) are either the same for both arguments (in which case f is constant), or different for the two arguments (in which case f is said to be ‘balanced’).

    I guess, you used a balanced function like the following to compute some of the links to the blog entries: "blogentry_link_num = 976 + f(0)"?
    As documented above, this may result in 976 or 977 for a balanced function, so the resulting link is not really specified 😉

    Best, Stefan

    • Hi Stefan,

      That is for sure the most eloquent comment I have ever seen to let a poster know that he has goofed with a link. Excellent 🙂

      I guess my brain was teleported into an unknown state of mind when I proofread my post.

      Thanks for letting me know, I had to fully wake up to understand it.

      Very nice, Mark.