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How to send a flat file with fixed lengths to XI 3.0 using a Central File Adapter

Suppose we have a flat file that looks like this:

120 MATNR33356 60
130 MATNR44455 45

Fixed lengths are 10,20,10

1. Specify adapter type: File – sender
(because will be sending message to XI)

2. Message protocol: File Content Conversion


3. In the content conversion parameters we specify:

a) Document Name: SampleMessageType
this will appear as the TOP XML tag

b) Document Namespace:

c) Recordset Name: Rootnode

d) Recordset Structure: Substr,*


4. Now in the additional parameters we have to add:

– Substr.fieldFixedLengths Value: 10,20,10

– Substr.fieldNames Value: POSNR,MATNR,QUANT

– Substr.processFieldNames Value: fromConfiguration
because in our example the flat file does not contain any header


And we’re done.

This configuration should convert the flat file into an XML message like this:


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  • Hello Michael,

    what do I have to do, if I want to have messagesplit on each recordset, which I have to map on one Idoc (ORDERS). I believe this is becoming my first BPM Project.


  • Hi Micheal i followed the steps and worked on the same scenario but ended up with Run time exception error message.My sender and reciever are working properly in adapter engine...Can you let me know where I was wrong.
    • Hi,

      >>>>Do I have to rebuild my message type because this is not possible?

      no need, you can create a simple
      file adapter module that will remove
      any node you want (1-2 hours of development
      and you're done)


    • If there are multiple records how are grouping them in that case?
      Or do you want one message for every line?

      If that is the the recordset structure give Root,1 and then in Recirdsets per message = 1 and the property ignoreRecordsetName = true...


  • Hi michael

    If i want to acheive the same using csv how shoul dmy parameters look like. i want to creat seperate recordsets for each repeating structure.

    thank you

  • Hi Michal,

    My scenario is same as you described in the blog.

    But if the input file is empty(no records at all) ideally XI should create the XML file with root node after content conversion.

    But I am facing problems here.Can you please suggest any expert solution for this problem?

    The scenario is like :XI uses the content conversion paramters and creates the XML file,but if source file doesnt have any record then XI should create a file with only root node.