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Shai Agassi on The Gillmor Gang

Shai Agassi takes part in the December 10 issue of The Gillmor Gang, possibly the best weekly podcast to be listened to.

Steve and the gang (Steve Gillmor, Michael Vizard, Dana Gardner, Dan Farber) put Shai through a 1 hour conversation with lots of tough questions regarding SAPs and Netweavers openness and vision for the future, and Shai does a great job of explaining things.

Listen to it here, and while you’re at it, check out the other IT Conversations.

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  • Hi Frank,
    Nice catch, and officially the first appearance of a podcast at SDN and therefore at SAP too.
    It also is a sign for SAP getting a bit bigger footprint in the mind share of IT professionals here in the US and rightly so.
    Thanks for the link, Mark.
    P.S. Rumor has it, that shortly after TechEd Shai was asked what his title was and he answered with an enthusiastic: "Übergeek". Sadly not this time 🙂