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Internet Transaction Server: Supported Web Browsers


Many improvements were integrated into the standalone ITS 6.20 and NetWeaver 2004 (with integrated ITS 6.40) over the last few months, meaning that you can now use SAP GUI for HTML with a bigger selection of browser versions available on the current web browser market. In this way, you can also use SAP GUI for HTML on a broader variety of operating systems. Below is a clear overview, summarizing the browser platforms currently supported.

Welcome on board: Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla 1.7

We recently increased the capability of the ITS 6.20 and NetWeaver 2004 (with integrated ITS 6.40) to work smoothly with Mozilla 1.7 and the new Firefox 1.0 on three popular operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS X). Both browsers are based on the Gecko rendering engine rv:1.7.x that was announced as the new long-lived stable branch of the Mozilla project, replacing earlier versions.

Because we want to concentrate on improving the SAP GUI for HTML for this engine, we decided to discontinue offering support for Netscape versions prior to 7.2 based on older, more unreliable Gecko engines (rv:1.0.x, rv:1.4). These browser versions will no longer be supported after 2004. Also the support for Netscape 7.2 will end after 2005.

Although the ITS and the SAP GUI for HTML was improved to work hand-in-hand with the newly supported browsers mentioned above, it is possible that IACs and EWTs may not yet be fully optimized for the Gecko engine. In this case the application development may have to provide updates as the ITS team is not responsible for these applications.

Summary of supported browser versions

The following table shows which browser versions are supported by the different ITS releases at the moment. The table summarizes the browser related information of the following documents which are available on the SAP Service Marketplace:

Browser OS ITS 6.20 NetWeaver 2004
with integrated ITS 6.40
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Microsoft Windows (32 bit) X X
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple MacOS X Support starts as of
ITS 6.20 Patchlevel 16
Support starts as of
SAP Netweaver ’04 SP Stack 11
Mozilla 1.7 Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple MacOS X Support starts as of
ITS 6.20 Patchlevel 14
Support starts as of
SAP Netweaver ’04 SP Stack 11
Netscape 7.2.x Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple MacOS X Support ends on
December 31st, 2005
Support ends on
December 31st, 2005

(Last updated on August 8th, 2005.)

Any more questions?

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    • Hi Julian,

      I assume you mean Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (the name Firebird was changed to Firefox)?

      Whenever there is a decision to support an additional web browser or a new release of a browser the table above and the product information will be updated.

      Best regards,

      • Sure, I meant to say Firefox.

        That doesn't really answer the question, right?

        The non-working support for Firefox is kind of annoying, as Firefox and the base Mozilla are really the same browser, just in slightly different packaging. It would be really nice if the UI's parsing of the HTTP request ("User-Agent" header) would be fixed so that different kinds of Mozilla-based browsers are supported the same way.

        Best regards, Julian

        • Julian,

          I think there is a misunderstanding.

          Nobody said anywhere that the HTTP_USER_AGENT of Mozilla and the HTTP_USER_AGENT of Firefox are treated differently by the ITS. I don't know where you've got that information from.

          If we say a webbrowser is supported it means that we will help customers who are expieriencing problems with this browser.

          Best regards,