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Mini Me of WAS 6.20, the Saga continues….

If you’ve read my first Mini me of WebAS 6.20 on this little guy then you’ll know that it’s a lot stronger than just an ordinary demo.

But with that being said if you have tried to install it then I’m sure you’ve come across one of the many problems that everyone else has. You can find and receive help from others on this over in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server forum.


Bit of a hot topic, in comparison to the other various previews perhaps not but hot nonetheless. So let’s take a look at the process from install to upgrade.

So you’ve gone out to the SAP Shop and navigated to the “SAP Knowledge Shop for Customers and Partners”, from there you went through the menus and finally came to the CD’s to order. You’ve gone ahead and placed your order naturally, and waited the week or so it takes to arrive.


You’ve also paid attention to the description provided

Mini Web Application Server 6.20 ABAP Engine Platform: Windows 2000 or Windows XP and SAPDB Hardware: 256 Mbyte RAM Min. 3.5 Gbyte RAM

So you know that this will run on XP or 2000 and requires so much ram, it also requires about 6GB of hard drive space to actually do any sort of playing around, the database can get rather large if you are not careful (I know from experience). This is also a ABAP only install so unless you really want to play around with BASIS Administration or BSP/ABAP development this is not the right install for you.

So now that you have the CD’s (3 of them) in your hot little hands this is how I recommend you proceed. This makes the install a lot easier and more manageable.

  • Step 1: Copy CD’s to hard drive in separate directories.
  • Step 2: Start Install and when prompted for the CD’s give the locations for the 3 from the hard drive. There has been some confusion about CD2 and CD3, they are all there, there is no “Ghost CD”.
  • image Step 3: Now that you have the system installed, hopefully it ran through OK and if not “restart it again at least twice”. OK so it’s there now and installed. Now share your “MiniWAS” directory as “sapmnt” with Windows Sharing and Security”.
  • Step 4: Now create a folder under “MiniWAS     rans” called “EPS” then one under that called “in” so in the end you have “MiniWAS     ransEPSin”.
  • Step 5: Now startup your system using the icons created with the install and go to transaction “RZ10“, here you will select your profile and choose “Extended Maintenance” and then MODIFY. You will need to change the following settings, please be aware that this will cause a greater load on your system.
    • rdisp/wp_no_dia = 2
    • rdisp/wp_no_btc = 2
    • rdisp/wp_no_spo = 1
    • rdisp/wp_no_vb = 1
    • rdisp/wp_no_enq = 1

    You can also play around with the other settings, the SAP recommendations are there for you.

  • Step 6: Now that you have those changes made, restart your system.
  • Step 7: Check to see if you have an errors in the transaction “SICK
  • Step 8: Provided you are OK to this point you will now need to login to the MarketPlace and download the latest Kernel Update (DB Dependent/Independent) and TP for the 6.20 System as well as the MaxDB upgrade. Then also download the latest SPAM update for 6.20. Then while you are at it download the SP’s ABA and BASIS from 24 to 46 (or the newest).
  • Step 9: Make a backup of your system and install the Kernel upgrade, TP upgrade and then the MaxDB upgrade and restart your system.
  • Step 10: If the system starts up OK then move on, otherwise restore your backup or do problem solving to figure out what went wrong.
  • Step 11: Log back in and follow the directions for setting up your transport system and importing the “example transport” that are contained in the documentation on the CD’s you received.
  • Step 12: Now go to the transaction SPAM and “Load Packages from FrontEnd” select the download “SPAM” update and then from the menu install your “SPAM update”.
  • Step 13: Now “Load Packages from FrontEnd” in SPAM again but this time load all of the SP’s you downloaded from the MarketPlace.
  • Step 14: Upgrade your MiniWAS! “How do I do this?”, glad you asked –> read this Mini me of WebAS 6.20.

At this point, after a good bit of work (the transports of ABA and BASIS will take awhile for sure), you are probably wondering “Great all that and now what?” For starters you can take a look at these weblogs, they are a series I created as a tutorial on BSP’s and I did them completely with the MiniWAS. They are separated into parts.

Or you can get them as one big document here.

Not to “toot my own horn” or anything but the tutorial is a very complete one covering several different aspects and sooner or later I will release my weblog on how to do the same application in MVC.

I hope that helps to clear up some of the confusion and I wish you success with your install. Remember if you have a problem feel free to put a shout out in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server forum. It’s an active forum and many people have had similiar problems or experiences and therefore you can usually get help very quickly.

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  • Hi, could you please specify which version of MaxDB did you used, 7.5 ??? And which kernel(SAPEXE.SAR, SAPEXEDB.SAR) versions you used. I updated my DB to MaxDB 7.5 and applied kernel of patch level 1027, but got WAS error concerning incorect SQL requests to DB. So this information would really help me out.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Craig, thanks for all you help and you really have put me into the right directions. All preliminary activities as you describe before starting the actual SP upload where completed successfully however when I start the first upload (SP25) the system seems to 'hang'. The decompressed files have been created, the program started it's DDIC activiation but stopped after having activated 792 items. After that the system hangs, I let it run for 48 hours and ended up to stop the transaction. Any clues where I am making a mistake or what I am missing? Thanks, Tiest
      • Yes, I have restarted the PC several times but no changes in the updates. Should I re-install the complete application again or only the database? Any suggestions on how to solve this rather painful experience? Tiest
        • The problem is directly related to NOT installing the TP and Kernel upgrades. TP upgrade is required to get anything done and the kernel upgrade is required for SP 31 and higher.

          In order to upgrade the MiniWas you have to upgrade the TP and Kernel and DB.

          Simply do that then restart the import if the import fails restart the import itself at least one time.

          • You where very correct, I made a mistake during the kernel upgrade. I just upgraded to patch level 1027 and upgrade SPAM to version 0018. Currently I have managed to successfully import SP29 and continuing... Will keep you updated of my progress. Thanks, Tiest
      • Can the issue be caused by the fact I did not perform any Kernel upgrade, DB update or TP system upgrades? Just a though I am having going over this BLOG. Tiest
      • Craig the link below contains exactly the problem I am facing, perhaps this will help you to help me in my issue. Thanks, Tiest

        Topic:  Problem in Applying Basis Patch 25 in Mini Was (thread 15923)

    • I had an issue like this when applying SP 32 (ABAP); the system "hung"; logging on was incredibly slow; and so on... when I looked at my system through the eyes of the Database Manager, my log file was at 100%; even though I'd allocated a new volume which was unused. The trick was I had to perform a new backup, including a log backup. Then, everything went smoothly again; like giving the BSP a good kick in the a**... 🙂

      I'm no DBA, but the mySQL Database Manager is quite easy to work with. If your volumes are at (or close to) 100%, it's time to allocate a new volume and probably make a backup, too.

      Good luck,

  • Craig, another question I require your help with. SAP Packages go in perfecly (SP31 is now in) but my available database space starts to run out. Currently 97% of available data space is in use, any suggestion(s) on how to enlarge my database (SAP DB). Thanks again for all your help, Tiest
      • Should have waited with asking you the question. I created a separate volume and know plenty of diskspace. Currently loaded SP 37, heading for 47. Talk to you soon hopefully. Tiest
  • Can you please elaborate a bit "Step 8" - how & what exactly to get fro for kernel, TP, SPAM for 6.20. Sorry for asking a dumb question but the marketplace website is too confusing & too slow to go around.