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What is RIA (Rich Internet Application) ?

“Rich Internet Application” is a terminus designed by Macromedia, Microsoft, Netscape and even the W3C-Consortium . While the “old” HTML-model uses direct communication between browser and server, RIA focuses on self running, active and dynamic clients. The only access to the server is done via webservices.

Please feel free to check my article (incl. pics and many more descriptions) about Rich Internet Applications.

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      • Bernd,
        Just a suggestion, perhaps, you could have given the description of RIA and given references to the site. Benny's reaction, was my reaction and many more would have reacted the same way.

        Nevertheless, the link is pretty useful and with pictures(I love description with pictures). Also, the description of RIA seems sparse. Can you direct me to a website where I can understand the terminologies that you have used , such as "Process Model", "Frameworks" etc. ?

        Subramanian V.