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Performance in SAP BI: Your Feedback Requested

A third of the customers interviewed in the SAP BI customer feedback project have reported issues with performance, ranging from minor concerns to serious problems. The issues mentioned were both back-end (data loading, aggregates, etc,) and front-end/reporting. We’d like to get more feedback to pinpoint the most important performance issues in order to prioritize.

Important note: This Web log is intended for two purposes – to make sure that you are aware of the online documentation that is available on this topic and to solicit your feedback. Sometimes one of my technical colleagues will step into the chain and provide some tuning suggestions, but that is not the intention of this discussion, as the topic is too broad. Please also remember to use OSS to report your performance problems, particularly if they are critical to your production environment!

Your Resources: The “Business Information Warehouse” path in SDN has a Quick Link to the “BW Performance Tuning Knowledge Center”. This section of SDN contains presentations, documents, and eLearning on performance topics in SAP BI. You can also find a great deal of information at the /BW alias in the SAP Service Marketplace under the Performance folder. If you haven’t seen the materials in these sites yet, I think you will find them very useful.

Your Feedback: We’d like to know your biggest challenges with performance. In order to keep the input manageable, let’s focus on your one or two biggest issues. Be as specific as you can – e.g., if you have issues with data loads to ODS objects but not to InfoCubes, make sure to specify that the performance problem is with the ODS objects. Also, include your release number since of course that can make a significant difference.

Thanks for your help!

Links: Click here to go directly to the BW Performance Tuning Knowledge Center. Click here to access the SAP BI section of the SAP Service Marketplace.

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  • We heavily experience performance issues with the navigation within the BEx Analyzer i.e. Opening queries, making restrictions, saving queries.
    The execution times of the queries vary from one query to another depending on how well the query is restricted.. however, the common performance issue is with navigating around the tool