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BSP/HowTo: Invert your application, Filters in your page

Again as with the previous weblog  (, this only works in IE 5.5+ 100%. Other browsers well sometimes you get a little lucky and sometimes not.

Also, credits to David J. Hark  (, for creating such a nice set of examples.

This example will prove to be a lot easier to implement than the previous one as you only need to add a single link to your page or if you prefer to set the value in a user preference then you’ll need to activate the command on the Page Layout when the page is loaded.

Invert  (#)

As yo can see the link is very simple to implement.<br>
As I mentioned you can also add this into your <b>Page Layout</b> quite easily.<br>
<textarea cols=”79″ rows=”10″>
<% IF userPrefInvert EQ ‘X’. %>
<% ENDIF. %>
Once a user clicks the link, or the link is activated via the preference then the page will look like…<br>

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  • If you are using Design2003 for your BSP pages, there is also a theme that provides a similar effect – HCB.  There is also a nice High Contrast theme as well.  I know someone who is visually impared and they find these such tips very useful.
    • Hey Thomas,

      I’m wondering now why that last part of my weblog is not there? I wonder if I forgot to actually submit those changes? I had added in about the different themes available and how SAP has High Contrast themes as well. Well I’ll go add it in now.

      Curious, did you show this person you mentioned my “Magnifying glass” option?

      • Actually they already use the Magnifier built into WindowsXP.  I plan to create a working example in our system anyway, but haven’t had a chance yet.