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Unification, Connector Framework, Relation Resolving, Drag & Relate, Object Based Navigation and other strange words – the real story

“…At the beginning, when I tried to see my next customer visit details, and get myself ready for it, it was a mass – all sorts of white papers, yellow sticky notes on my laptop screen, red/blue/brown diagrams on my white board – just a mass.

But then, someone showed me the new ‘ SAP Sales Agent’ business package, with the context menu, leading me to the exact SAP transaction, BW report and web sites relevant to my customer – I even started to like this ‘Drag & Relate’ stuff”   John Smith , Sales Agent,

…of course, it is not a real quote, it is not even a real person, not to say, that the first company who name itself as ‘’ , will probably lose money before you know it…

But, leave the joke aside – this is exactly what we are all seeking when developing a technology, application or a solution in SAP .

The thing is, I believe we hold in our hands exactly that technology that might lead to such a quote (even if it is not by John Smith J )

So, I invite you all to a journey – a trip to understand the big (and sometime small) picture that enable us building such a scenario, and to understand some buzz words, that some of you know, and some not.

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