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Whether installing a new system or updating an existing one, SAR files and SAPCAR are a part of every person maintaining SAP systems. While UNIX fans have no problem with command lines, for Windows admins a more shell-integrated approrach is usually preferred. Here’s a nice trick to have extract-on-double-click for SAR files:

(I modified the original batch file, it didn’t handle Windows long filenames with spaces well)

  1. Put sapcar.exe somewhere in your path (the Windows directoy would be fine)
  2. use notepad to create a file named sapcar.bat with the following text in it :
    @echo off cd %~dp1 sapcar.exe -xvf %~nx1 pause

    Save the file somewhere in the path.

  3. Right click any SAR file and select “Open with”. Windows will show a dialog with all kinds of programs to select from. Select “Other…” and navigate to the sapcar.bat file and double click it. Before closing the dialog check the “Always use this program to open these files”

That’s it. When you double click any SAR file it will extract to the directory in which the SAR file is in.

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  1. Former Member
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




    @=”extract files…”

    @=”C:\\Programme\\bin\\sapcar.exe -xf %1 -R”


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