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Recently I spent some time in a project that needed to use a special JDBC driver for DB2 to use two phase commit options that are provided by SAP Web Application Server Java. Talking to our persistence guys those mentioned that such a driver would not be certified by SAP.

Now, this may be important in case such database would have been planned to be the base DB of the server. Of course for that function the driver needs to be tested thoroughly because we base our complete functionality on it and therefore also take responsiblity for that driver. But you might know that the Java world opens the window to an all new opportunity, the easy access of all kinds of resources – that actually was one of the intentions why Java was adopted.

In this special case the project wanted to access an outside database, which is possible, of course. Some of my fellow colleagues from development where asked about using this specific driver, but what they answered was a question on the central system database – for them as obvious as possible the only DB they ever care, for Java hackers one out of several choices.

At this point I should add in a little remark – We obviously do have the often mentioned cultural difference here between the Java and the ABAP world. What is actually making a difference here? In the old SAP world the only application server available was that thing with all your ERP on it. And ERP is most shortly nothing else but the assets of your company. Nothing you would take any risk on, nothing you would even think about taking a risk on. Because of that this software had (and has) to be protected like a treasure. Because of that SAP did not even let you think about messing around with it.

So please keep in mind: When SAP tells you that some software is not supported to run together with SAP’s software, that does not mean always, it’s completely disallowed. The SAP WebAS is a technology stack and that means it comes with no business software. For the first time SAP can think about letting you “mess around” with it’s technology. It means you take responsibility for the things you are writing (as if you wouldn’t have done before) and you measure the risk you are willing to set on SAP technology. Be aware, if you break the system, you better not run in your treasure system….

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