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Come together, right now…new features in NW’04 Collaboration

One of the most dynamic and user friendly aspects of NetWeaver is collaboration, the ability to use the portal, business intelligence, iviews, knowledge management of the security of the user management engine to bring people, processes and information together.  Building on successes in the Enterprise Portal 5.0, and its inclusion in the Enterprise Portal 6.0, collaboration has sought to bridge the information needs of virtual teams in both a real time synchronus capacity, and a virtual work space capacity ( “rooms” ), while maintaining and enhancing the chararcter and investment in all other SAP solutions.   Available with NetWeaver’04 and the Enterprise Portal 6.0 sp2, patch 5, one of the  newest enhancements will allow companies to retroactively add iviews, documents, news items and a whole host of new relevant information in a wizard driven parts delivery method.  This concept of dynamic growth is called “Room Parts”, and is a wizard driven method to allow room members with the proper room role to add new information that is relevant to the room, as say a newly required “frequently asked questions list” to address issues on a project, or perhaps a quick poll to capture the team members views and opinions on a new product design….you name it, and you build it as an iview that can be brought into use ASAP, and ready for use!  As your collection of parts grow, they can be categorized as to usage ( perhaps KM oriented parts vs. people or list oriented parts ) and stored in different parts catalogues.  Importantly, you can also decide which room members have access to this newly created room part ( shown as a page in the room ).  Below is an example of how a new room part for “Frequently asked questions” is easily made availble for room members.  image Many more enhancements and enriched collaboration concepts are available in NetWeaver such as  people grouping and rendering and room extensions to name a couple…check them all out !!!
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  • Hi Darrell,

    I gone through your couple of weblogs,  and particulary i am quite impressed the weblog “Easy steps to Collaboration Room template creation” .

    I have a requirement to restrict the length of the description field under General Tab in the above weblog screen shot.

    Can you please reply ASAP.

    Thanks in Advance