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No this post is not about the outcome of the US election. It is about the voting, or better rating that you can do in the myWeblogs area of SDN. (It is in beta, so sorry no guest account there yet. If you want to see what is going on you have to log in.) The person you have rated may walk into your office.

I think it is very interesting that you can give stars to your favorite Webloggers. Yes I would prefer to rate Weblog posts too and we are working on it, but this Weblog is about  the unintended consequences that have come up from these ratings.

You really have to be careful with your ratings. We had to pull the first screen shot of it, because the settings were just random, but the ones with one star don’t know that and feel randomly very hurt.

imageThen I was talking with my boss about the ViewPoint feature in SDN and we looked at it on his computer and what did I see? He had his “random” settings at one star next to my name. I was scratching my head before who these three people are and what it is that made them give me only one star.

So don’t despair if some of these ratings are not what you expected. For me the low ones are  all random and of course the 5 stars are all deserved 🙂

My believe is that with stars, especially once we can star Weblog posts themselves, that the overall quality of the SDN content will go up. It will be so much easier to get to the good stuff and skip the fluff.

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  1. Ulli Hoffmann
    Hi Mark,

    I’m surprised to hear that the star clicks are actually counting for something.
    I was once at the page and just randomly clicking around but couldn’t recognize any feedback, so I  thought things simply don’t work.

    I also have the feeling that the labels of the stars don’t fit very good to judge
    technical weblogs or persons. I suppose nobody  want’s to spread hate through SDN.

    Wouldn’t it be better to use something like ‘not useful at all’ through ‘very useful’?
    SAP OSS has a customer feedback system implemented with a good rating system to judge
    the response of the support people (have a look at the ‘useful’ categories).
    Also, I’m often at MSDN and always check their rating system (poor – outstanding) before reading an article there.


  2. Benny Schaich-Lebek
    once I put my own voting there I lose to see the public voting. As I’m quite interested in the voting of others, this actually prevents me personally from voting…

    Can this be changed somehow?


    1. Former Member
      I understand why you’d like to see what others are thinking, but once you form your own opinion, why do you care anymore? 🙂

      Of course, it was possible to combine both your rating and the average in one icon, but in our opinion it would have been too cumbersome and complicated to understand. Red stars over gray stars?

      In anycase, you can always hover the mouse over the “Clear opinion” icon to temporarily clear your rating and see the average. You can also click on the object to see the rating distribution and the average rating score in a graph.

      Hope this helps,


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