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This has been one of the most grueling yet satisfying months
of the NetWeaver saga to date. It feels as if we passed to a new stage of our
campaign, with TechEd 2004 symbolizing the end of our href=”” target=”_blank”>80 city tour
and our internal DKOM 2004 (Internal Developer Kickoff Meeting) symbolizing the
start of the next year. We have a saying that what you see in DKOM this year
the market sees in TechEd the following year.


TechEd was full of positive energy, with so many developers

engaged in creative projects around NetWeaver. Everyone uses the platform a bit

differently, yet some of the projects have visionary qualities about them that

are hard to beat. I was asked a few days back what was the most visionary thing

anyone is doing with NetWeaver, and I must admit that I am still attached to

the Eclipse Aviation effort.

Eclipse is using the system to connect their design cycle to the FAA, the

airplanes to the spare parts warehouse, and their clients to the available

planes. It is like you watched Dell and Amazon coming together on the same

platform to revolutionize two industries at the same time. I just love to hear

about new projects with their challenges, and decided to ask everyone I meet

with from now on whether I can  blog their project

ideas for others to take notes and guidance.


The highlights of our
this year, I believe, were the Demo Jam
Sessions, which start to shine through the new spirit of SAP: open, partner
friendly, young, innovative and who would have guessed— cool. We have together
created, using SDN as the virtual meeting place, a great community that finally
got together in one physical space. Some of the people who became the core of
this community had to come from other countries and continents, some drove for
8 hours, but all were in best form: sharing and creating, information and
friendship together. It is the sense of shared destiny we all have around this
platform which is less than two years out in the open market. We are the early
adopters, and it will be a foundation for so many enterprises around the world
in a few years, yet we want to keep the excitement that early adopter enjoy in
these formative stages.


For the third time now, Peter  Zencke

and I shared the keynote

as the technology platform is getting so close to the application platform that

even the two of us sometimes forget where the boundary lines pass. As the two

layers evolve into a shared platform we will see another wave of changes in the

two industries (Application and Infrastructure), and we started to use the term

coined by JP Morgan “

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  1. Former Member
    I still use the phrase although it seems a bit odd using it here on SDN. I am a newbie to SAP (about 2 years now give or take a month) and this year was my first ever TechEd. In fact it was only my second SAP event (NetWeaver Conference, Frankfurt being the first). To be honest I was amazed and grateful I had the chance to go.

    I’d like to just take this moment to first and formost thank you once again for your hard work and the hard work of the thousands (must be thousands) of others that put in their time and effort to make it happen!!!!!

    Coming at the whole thing with a clean slate so to speak and not having had previous experiences with it I have to say that I was amazed and delighted with so many things happening and so many opportunities for viewing and trying out the new tech stuff just around the corner.

    On another note 🙁 I know that at least in Munich the BoF sessions were planned a bit late at night and I was hoping to take a moment and plead with SAP and the powers that be, please put a bit more focus on the BoF sessions for the next time around, perhaps even making the Tech Demo Jam a bit more prominent maybe even a kickoff to the whole TechEd, the live demo’s were fantastic especially the new VMC and the Voice over Phone!!

    Thanks again!!!!

  2. Hi Shai,
    as part of the “Magnet” project with other companies, SAP Labs in Israel showed such a wonderful idea about a year ago, connecting Legacy systems with shop floor manufacturing, using Drag & Relate.
    As you say – development is ahead in about a year from the field.
    Tuval (
    1. Tuval,

      Eclipse connects future applications with SAP, which is a very cool factor, also the WebServices on ABAP really modernizes the existing investmen in SAP, so I really feel like some of the things we have shown this year are ahead of the game. You are right though that some of the things you worked on in development were ahead of the game, it’s the advantage of working inside SAP.

      Best of luck at Ness.


  3. Former Member
    Now that Netweaver supports Java, it really opens up a lot of opportunities for our small business accounts.

    Its great to see how SAP that once used to focus strictly on “Medium-market”, is constantly introducing new solutions that address the needs of the small business market.

    Amir Idan

    1. Former Member
      Euclid – or correctly High Performance Analytics – is not delivered yet. But the SAPPHIRE Boston demo was done with the BW system from HP, so we have a proof that it works with customer systems.

      There is no need for aggregation, that’s done on the fly.



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