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Part #2


: I had to break this weblog up into two parts because I see to have hit some sort of size limitation somewhere.  My weblog kept getting cutoff at a certain point.  The following is a link to part one.

Download Link

Now you can download the code and screen shots here.

function z_e_rfc_user_hv_exit.


“Local interface:







  select * from user_addr into table idata.

  sort idata by bname.

  key_field = ‘BNAME’.

  value_field = ‘NAME_TEXTC’.


Already I am thinking about what I want to do with version 3.0.  I have been considering adding some of the Personalization functionality that Ulli Hoffmann described in weblogs over the past few weeks.  It is interesting to see how development tips from different members starts to come together here on SDN.

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  1. Former Member

    This is really nice.  At last someone did the effort to create an acceptable input help for BSP.

    However, when I use this in an application that manages the sessions using the SYSTEM page session_single_frame.htm, it always asks me to login again (probably because the input help is in another BSP application).

    Is there another solution than always copying the code to the application you want to use it in and creating custom BSP extensions?


    1. Thomas Jung
      Very good point.  I probably forgot to mention this.  I setup a separate application for the Popup.  I then went into SICF and setup an anonymous user for this service to run under.  This way no one ever gets reprompted for authentication.  Also in my system configuration, we use Single Sign On logon tickets.  The SSO ticket would still be active when the popup window opens, so it would use this for authentication.  The anonymous ID in the service parameters is there for backup. 
  2. Wolfgang Haerle
    not quite sure what I am missing but I am getting syntax error “Field MC_CONTENT is unknown” when I bring in the code for method ‘RUNTIME_IS_VALID’ for the class ZCL_ES_BSP_ELMNT_INPUT_HELP??

    Any ideas?

  3. Frank Thierfeld

    Hi,<br/><br/>i am very happy about F4 functionality but fur my purpose i think of a possibility to pass an import parameter to the exit function. Like this:<br/><br/><zf4help:inputHelpV2 id=”IF2″ <br/>rfcFunction = “THIEFR3_TEST_F4_HELP(‘SOURSYSTEM=02′)”<br/>value   = “<%= p_value %>”><br/></zf4help:inputHelpV2><br/><br/>So i want to pass value ’02’ for import parameter SOURSYSTEM in my example. Have you made or seen such an enhancement? Thanks in advance for your comment.

      1. Frank Thierfeld
        Hi Thomas…thanks for answering. I am not sure if your answer helps me, so i want to make my purpose more specific.

        I want to use F4 help within a tableview as a replacement bee within the tableview iterator.

        When i call the F4 help i want to restrict the list of values in the value help according to some othe values within the same row. Lets say within the row i have entered plant ‘A’, so that i want to show only materials of plant ‘A’ within the F4 value help for material. Therefore i must pass a where-clause (plant = ‘A’) to the exit function. At least that was the plan i have.

        Do you have an idea/a hint how i can achieve such
        a thing. Thanks in advance!


        1. Thomas Jung
          Post author
          I’m afraid that simply isn’t functionality that I designed into this solution.  You would have to extend the existing solution to meet those requirements.  You would need to change the BSP Extension Element, the Model Class and the Controller Class.

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