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Finally you don’t need to sign up to read SDN content. As SDN Meetup in Walldorf – a summary after the first SDN contributor meet in Walldorf:  The fact that SDN remains largely a black box (or is that a black hole?) in the general web universe has largely to do with the authentication requirements I’ve already mentioned. As soon as those requirements go away, SDN can partake of the link love that other communities are blessed with. Hurray, since  last Thursday those requirements are gone.

I used to describe SDN as similar to a little village in the Swiss Alps. You have to drive up a long and windy road aka sign up to get there, but once you have arrived it’s really nice and you don’t want to leave (Or so I hope).

But now the quaint little village called SDN is only a click away. You can link directly to the interesting posts, no brackets of shame [free sign up required] anymore. Let the sunshine in. I am really curious to see how SDN will change now that it will be part of the larger communication of the whole Internet.

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  1. Former Member
    I have actually noted a significant increase in my mail to spam ratio and I guess it is due to the fact that my mail addresse has been posted at SDN.

    It will be interesting to see what kinds of websites and how many link into You can check this by searching for link: in google. At the moment there are 86 results, way too many of them in german 🙂

    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Dagfinn,

      Spam is so rampant, that my 1 gig Gmail account is already maxed out 🙁

      Just to set the record straight though: SDN is not exposing your or anyone else email address. We are very careful with that. You choose to have it listed in your Weblogger bio: /people/dagfinn.parnas/blog and of course that can be changed whenever you want.

      Best, Mark.

      1. Former Member
        Yes you are very correct. It was my own fault for publishing my email addresse in my weblogger-bio.

        SDN is conscious of not revealing the email addresse of users


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