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NetWeaver vs. WebSphere

If you’d expect to find an evaluation of the two systems here, well, then you’re probably kind of disappointed. But the topic is hot and maybe there’ll be something like that at SDN in the future.

So far, SAP NetWeaver is the new kid on the block and according to Shai Agassi the customer base is growing every day. As the text books teach, one rock solid sign that your product made it into the market is when the competition starts to take notice. For SAP NetWeaver it seems to be the case when IBM starts pushing ads which favor WebSphere over NetWeaver.

Here is an example seen at planes bound to Munich where the SYSTEMS fair took place last week.


Let’s try to put it into English: “Do not make half things. Who is going to connect SAP NetWeaver with the rest of your IT infrastructure? Using WebSphere you can integrate your IT infrastructure reliably.”

Expecting that many IT people will be in the air and have some minutes to think about platform decisions while chewing their sandwiches, IBM takes the liberty to give them a hint.

I leave it up to discussion if the ad offers anything useful. What I like to point at is the fact, that IBM uses comparative advertisement. Something that isn’t very common around here, since it wasn’t allowed until recently.

Also, because this ad isn’t very imaginative, I’m curious if SAP marketing is as good as the technical personnel and what they will come up with in response to IBM’s rather poor shot.

So, besides the great technology that NetWeaver has to offer, maybe we can expect some entertainment as well in the near future.

Great commercials are coming to mind where rivals give their best to convince the public of the better product. I can remember at least these two soda producers or two big fast food chains. Even though there might be some differences in the complexity of the product and the target audience, let’s see what tech marketing is able to come up with.

Maybe see it next time during the Champions League or Super Bowl commercial breaks!

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