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SAP TechEd ’04 – The thing in a nutshell!

As you can see from here, I was putting on a brave face considering the fact that my first attempt at blogging at the conference was done with my WiFi card stuck inside of my notebook (the paper one) and I was using a pen to write things down.

Never the less I am now sitting in our SDN Clubcorner and writing this blog on SDN right now, thanks to our fearless leader Mark, who was able to organize power and WiFi access for us.

OK, don’t tell but we had found WiFi access, sometimes people forget to deactivate their “OPEN” systems which allow anyone in, I won’t tell if you don’t image.

So what did I do at TechEd? Well for one thing I finally got to meet several people and had a chance to talk to them face to face. This was really nice and I think will only help to make communication here in SDN even better. So who was there that I met?




I even managed to help a couple of people out while I was there with questions they had…no points but fun anyways image Brian even told me that I was alot shorter than he thought, which I thought was rather funny since he is rather tall. To be honest we had lots of fun, including one incident where DJ rightfully bowed down to one of the, how did he put it? “Masters of SDN” Gregor.

The food was actually quite good as well, nice big spreads and always filled. I guess this is because we developers gotta eat?? Or maybe SAP figured if we ate alot we wouldn’t complain to loud that the classes were jam packed and most of the time it was standing room only?


The first night was also the Demo Jam and the SDN Contributor prizes, here are some links to photos from the prizes. I also made a small video clip of what was playing on the two big screen’s before the Demo Jam started.

Here are some random shots taken during the course of things..

The partners that were present were busy handing out what they could and also trying to get your contact info but I have to say there were a few products there I thought had some real potential.

One I liked, although they didn’t seem to have any freebies for me was wily technology, Introscope 5.0. Check it at

SAP, of course not to be undone, was busy handing things out as well. Check out this little collection I brought home.

Of course I also took home a nice little prize from the SDN folks, thanks guys and when is the next contest??


A personal highlight for me and something I think SAP should put serious focus on were the BOF sessions. I was only able to attend 1 since I was giving one but because Brian started his a bit sooner than scheduled (scheduling was horrible, what a time to plan it) I was able to sneak into Mark’s and catch a bit of his as well. I will be posting an article regarding mine in the near future. I really think they should have focused more on the BOF’s and made them more public and visible! I hope they will consider that next year.

To finish off some of the festivities…

Needless to say I didn’t manage to find the time to finish this weblog during the conference, so I had to finish it once I was back in the office!

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  • If you should find yourself scratching your head over the MP3 player’s Chinenglish 😉 instructions, send me an e-mail (
    It took me some time to figure it out – but with the help of Etay Gafni, the tireless curly (and by the way super nice) SDN superhero, we had it running. A bit cumbersome in handling, but good sound!
  • Craig,
    TechEd was excellent exactly for meeting other (short:) people! I am really glad you made it, and apologize for my hit and run show. Soon I will invest some time to write up my BoF. Then it can be read in quiet! Looking at your photos I can see that I should have cleared concentrated more on that food tower. Now, I am hungry!
    bye, brian