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TechEd 04 in Munich – Day 3

Today I’ve started with a hands on session about Developing WebDynpro applications for Blackberry. We did an example application to approve Salesorders. What’s impressive is that you can develop an application that runs in the Web Browser and also on a WAP Device like Blackberry. The different Rendering is done by the WebAS J2EE server by device recognition. This session was well prepared and the example worked perfect. I finished at 11:15 and so I had time to explore the exhibition hall and to relax in the SDN Corner.

There I met Mark, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] and Piers for lunch. We discussed a lot what improvements should be made to the SDN’s presence and TechEd in general. Here are my suggestions:

  • Free, unrestricted W-LAN Internet access in the SDN Clubhouse
  • Include the BoF Sessions in the TechEd Schedule
  • Announce BoF Sessions at Session Theatres Schedule or Flipchart
  • Extend also TechEd EMEA to 4 Days to hold overbooked sessions twice and to have one evening for the BoF Sessions
  • Try out reservation for the Hands On sessions

In the afternoon I’ve joined the Hands on Session about Visual Composer. I think this is a good tool to do prototyping. You just search for the BAPI or RFC enabled Function Module and drag this into your iView. Then you add an Input From and an Output Table, deploy it, and your application is up and running.

That’s all from this year. As I know from normally good informed insiders the next TechEd will be in Vienna, I’m looking forward to see you there.

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  • I agree with the fact that Teched is getting somewhat overcrowded and was it was sometimes very hard to get a place in the hands on (or even get some food at noon:-)). Having sesions repeated would also behelpfull for people  who missed some sessions due to parallel shedules or couldn’t get in. Sometimes some sessions were misplaced. The UI  session almost was put last, where it was beter placed as first.
    Setting up hot spots or WAN plug ins would be also a good initiative or even better putting some (how much?) PC’s in order that people can read their mail  or follow SDN.
    Speaking of SDN and the clubhouse. It was rather spartian concerning the setup and the place where it’s set.
    Maybe it’s cause I’m Belgian, but a cybercafe/bierstube (with PC’s) like thing with drinks (or even food) and sofa’s looks more appealing to me.
    And you’re right about the bof sessions. I wanted to attend some of them, but since the demo sessions didn’t take till 8PM, I didn’t feel the need to wait (I was rather tired) another half an hour and most people left anyway.
    • …somewhat overcrowded…
      You Belgians must love understatements!

      I went for the techy stuff (not programming) and did not succeded in getting in on any Hands-on at all.

      With a bierstube/lounge I could at least have buried my disappointment with alcohol…

  • Especiall as I could not find a single evaluation sheet. Some presenters actually asked to fill out the form, but I found nobody having one. Nobody was collecting any filled out evaluation form, either. I’m used to a stringent the-evaluation-sheet-please-or-you-don’t-get-your-T-shirt practice. Can SAP determine presentation quality a priori?

    The near-total lack of Wireless Network connectivity is a joke. Microsoft TechEd 2003 had not only hundreds of networked PC, but also several WLAN areas and a good Internet connection. Does SAP really expect 3300 geeks to stay offline for three working days? I’ve seen people misuse Hands-On-Workshop PCs to do their eMail.