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SAP TechED 2004 San Diego: Conference Diary; Day 4

Wow – TechED was an incredible experience. I have attended for several years in a row now. This year definitely had a different energy to it. Part of the energy certainly came from SDN. The SDN team did a wonderful job getting people excited and connected. But this year, many of the sessions seemed to have more life was well. Perhaps it is because NetWeaver 04 is so close to being generally available. The technology we were seeing is just months away (if not already available) instead of years. Also the inclusion of more live demos instead of PowerPoint Slides was a big change for the better! Thanks to everyone that helped to make this the best SAP TechED ever!

Advanced and Generic Programming in ABAP
It was the last day of the conference, but I still had one 4 hour hands-on session yet to attend. Unlike some people who headed out early Friday morning, I got in one last great session before heading home. Unfortunately this did mean that I got to stand in the security check-in line for 2 hours at the San Diego Airport, but it was well worth it. The session was Advanced and Generic Programming in ABAP. I got to learn some exciting new techniques for dynamic data definition and code generation. Generic programming is so exciting and powerful, but it will give you a head ache if you think about it for too long. I’m not even going to try and go into any of the technical details here because it was just layer upon layer of new information. I would like to try and write a weblog in the near future on BSP programming using the RTTS (Run Time Type Services) in 640, but that is probably a month or two away.

I hope that everyone in Munich has just as good of a time as we did in San Diego. Be sure and share you experience and photos via SDN!

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