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SAP TechED ’04 – Munich – How scary is that?

TechED in Munich starts tomorrow, and I’ve got to tell you I’m a bit nervous. I wasn’t really before, OK in the beginning I didn’t think I was going to make it; now that I am going well it’s a bit nerve racking.

In a good way though!!

I mean anything that can generate this many weblogs in such a short period of time is got to be worth going to see!!

I’ve been reading though each one of these weblogs and I’ve been gathering my tips, hints and notes to be sure that I can enjoy as much as possible from the event! I have my camera ready as well as my WiFi laptop. I’ve just finished my presentation for the BoF sessions and I found that Mark has me scheduled for 8:45-9:30 sessions, theater A. I’ll be doing RSS, HTTP and External Content I do hope you can make it 😉

This will only be my second SAP event, the first was the NetWeaver conference in Frankfurt a few months back. That was an interesting conference and I enjoyed it alot, but so far nothing compares to the energy being generated by SDN’s involvement in this TechEd! This bring me back to a weblog I wrote awhile back: Have you checked your stars lately?, between the SDN Contributor Recognition program where SDN points won you prizes and now TechED I have to say that the energy and activity is blowing me away!

I have been on vacation for about 3 weeks now, ok I did sneak online to SDN a couple of times while I was on vacation just to see, but now that I am back and in the office it’s been so hard to actually get through all the new posts and weblogs. In fact I had to finally just mark a few forums as read as I couldn’t get through it all.

WAY TO GO SDNer’s!!!

I am off in a few hours to Munich, it’s a 6 hour drive for me so I’ve got a ways to go, but I look forward to it and I look forward to meeting everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of talking to here and hopefully new people as well.

I can be contacted by Mobile +49 1722767312 and I do hope we can get together afterwards like they did in San Diego – in fact I hope we make them feel jealous because I am sure we can make this TechED even bigger!!

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