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Integrated Windows Authentication with SAP EP 6.0 SP 3 and higher Part 1 of 2

Update: Please take a look at SAP Note 886214 – End of Maintenance of IisProxy ISAPI module. This logon procedure will not be supported anymore! There are two Blogs describing the new kerberos based authentication:

In the /community [original link is broken] there was a longer Thread about how create a correct “[authschemes.xml for integrated Windows authentication in EP 6.0 SP7 | /thread/16539 [original link is broken]]”. With the help of OSS I finally found a solution to this problem. To give you a smarter start into integrated Windows authentication I’ve decided to write this Weblog series. It is a step by step procedure recorded during the configuration of our EP 6.0 SP 7 on Web AS 6.40 SP 8.</p>

Installing the IisProxy Module

A detailed description how to install the IisProxy Module can be found here .

First you have to download the IisProxy Module from . It’s a pretty long way to the goal. Open Support Packages and Patches -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver components ( < SAP NW 04 ) -> SAP ENTERPRISE PORTAL -> SAP EP 6.0 ON WEB AS 6.20 -> Portal Server -> SAP J2EE ENGINE 6.20 -> #OS independent -> IISPROXY16_0-10001433.SAR Plugin for MS IIS. Unfortunately for me the search by the keyword „IisProxy” as described in the Documentation didn’t give any results.

Finally when you have the File extract it to a temporary folder and copy IisProxy.dll, Iisproxy.pdb, and IisProxy.xml to C:InetpubScripts. This is the location of the IIS Default Website.

Configure ISAPI Filter

    1. Start IIS Manager
    2. Create Web Service Extension for IisProxy.
    3. From IIS console under the IIS instance go to „Web Service Extensions”
    4. Right-click right panel. Choose „Add a new Web Service Extension…“ from the menu.
    5. Choose and type a name for the Extension, for example “IisProxy“.
    6. Browse to the IisProxy.dll executable.
    7. Set “Set extension status to Allowed“ checkbox.
    8. Click “OK“.
    9. Allow all unknown ISAPIs to run in IIS.
    10. From IIS console under the IIS instance go to „Web Service Extensions“.
    11. Right click “All Unknown ISAPI Extensions“ from the right panel.
    12. Click “Allow“.

Web Site Properies

    1. Choose the Tab ISAPI Filter -> Add
    2. Filter name: IisProxy, Executable: C:InetpubScriptsIisProxy.dll
    3. Click “Ok”
    4. Rightclick on Default Website -> New -> Virtual Directory
    5. Next
    6. Alias: Scripts, Next
    7. Path: C:InetpubScripts, Next
    8. Permissions: Read, Run scripts and execute, Next
    9. Finish
    10. Rightclick on Scripts -> Properties
    11. Tab Virtual Directory -> Configuration…
    12. Insert…
    13. Executable: C:InetpubScriptsIisProxy.dll
    14. Check that „Verify that file exist“ is not set
    15. OK, OK, OK

Edit C:InetpubScriptsIisProxy.xml

Now you can test you IisProxy. Open the URL This should bring you to the Portal Homepage. I hope that you have now a running IisProxy. So now you can go on with Integrated Windows Authentication with SAP EP 6.0 SP 3 and higher Part 2 of 2</p>

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