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SAP Business One TechDemo 1.0 available

Dear readers,

…in case anyone actually does read this: I have received two or three responses on the TechDemo beta I published some time ago.
These responses were very friendly and enforced me in going on with the SAP TechDemo AddOn.
My first step was adding additional samples to the existing one’s.

It has taken a while, but now the first update on the SAP Business One TechDemo is available.

The demo consists of two projects written in Visual Basic .Net.
Please open the solution named “SboTechDemoAddon” to get things started.

For now, you can download SAP TechDemo 1.0 on using the following link:

        SAP TechDemo 1.0

Maybe SAP will provide a more useful link soon.

The sample was packed using WinRar in order to not expose any potential .exe or other potentially dangerous files.


The following changes were made (mostly samples added):

  • SBOFormUIBusinessPartnerEnhancement
    reflection of the SAP sample of same name (for complete reflection of all given SAP samples)
  • SboFormUICalculator
    Very neat (but little useful?) UI-only sample provided by SAP. The code was adjusted to suit SBO TechDemo Framework
  • SboFormUIComplexForm
    Another SAP sample to join the collection. This one is nice, since it makes use of the more complicated controls. Still UI only
  • SBOFormUDFCreation
    Ibai Pena shows how to add and delete user defined fields via code (this sample is partially incomplete, but still interesting as is)
  • SboFakeFormHello (Use all the controls in the .Net world)
    The little gem(?) in the end. This is something I made a while ago when SAP controls were just not sufficient.
    In case you want to use this form, be aware of the fact that all the .Net controls you use might not be available if SAP decides to use another platform such as MacOs, Java running on Linux etc. This sample is not fully completed, but I think it is worth a look anyway.

Please note:
The logic for all given samples is contained in the respective .Net class of the same name.
Necessary srf. files will also carry the same name plus a suffix for language marking (_GER,_ENG etc.).
The framework does provide the important basic objects such as the Application Object and the Company Object.

The addon provides necessary logic for:

  • form creation
  • menu creation
  • form destruction
  • application event handling

Please enjoy the update and give some feedback if you can.
Sorry for again not pasting any pictures in this log.

Lutz Morrien

P.S.: Code samples, corrections and/or additions are always welcome.

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