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RFC and Complex types for parameters

RFC seems to be evolving – and one of the excellent new features that is lurking about is the handling of complex data types in parameters. This will open the door to all kinds of new possibilities, including access to ABAP Objects via RFC.

For the moment – I have a little project that requires the use of complex data types via RFC – BUT – for the life of me I cannot find out how it is done.

I have tried to find the answer to this problem on the Forums (which have been excellent for other questions that I have had), and I have combed C header files, sample programs, and – all to no avail.

My plea boils down to this:

Can anybody help with decyphering how to send and receive complex data types (nested structures/tables, strings, xstrings and the like) using the C based RFC libraries? What would be most useful is a working example.

With testing that I have done, it appears that this data is passed in an XML-RFC style format, so it looks as if there is support, just no concise explanation of how to use it (that I can find – I’m happy to be wrong).

Any pointers will be much appreciated.


Piers Harding.

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    • Hi Sridhar,

      Thanks for the pointer, however, what I’m trying to do does not involve the SAP BC – it is purely with the lower level librfc* C API for RFC.  When I review the trace files (*.trc, and CPIC* files)for RFC calls with complex parameters/data types, it appears that these parameters have been encoded in a similar style to the XML-RFC encoding used within the BC (probably for convenience/portability reasons).  What I’m stuck on is how to assemble/disassemble these parameter types using the C API – this process is what I can’t find any documentatio on.


      Piers Harding.