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Yahoo…Hotmail….Gmail……and next SDNmail….?

I have been browsing, questioning, answering and blogging on for some time now. With all these tasks SDN also sends emails frequently. I always wonder why am I going to a free web email to look at SDN Emails?

Why not SDN provide us with a free email account?

Why dont we check our emails here and do everything related to SDN at one place?

Think about it SDN ……..
GO. (sounds very nice…..)

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  • Btw, I got 10 gmail invitations, so if you would like one send me an email at dagfinn.parnas (AT)  (replace (AT) with @).

    It’s is a good idea with an sdn email, but at the moment I have too many emails allready so if one is added I will use it for forwarding mails only.

  • In principle building and running any extended mail system is expensive. Think of all the work that will be required just to get that spam back in the tin! Already other websites does an outstanding job offering web mail. Let SDN concentrate on developing an excellent platform to promote developer-to-developer communications. Although SDN is already good, there is still a lot to be done! Let us not get sidetracked now.
  • Dear all,
    infact email has become the trash-can of the internet. People are moving from one trash-can to the other (aka switch their email accounts), because they are getting trashy. They go hotmail, msn, yahoo, gmail, gmx, i don’t know what….

    And i dont think SAP wants to become the next poluted email-service-provider, that’s just not state of the art and further more: It is not SAP’s core business.

    They sell software and we (aka the developers) provide services for making this software a value add to SAP’s customers. We run our own servers to keep our customers and SAP un-polluted from trash – that’s our value add 😉