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All points go to Ibai

All points go to lang=”en-us”>Ibai

lang=”en-us”>Sometimes little things can make a big difference.

lang=”en-us”>Today was a good day. You might ask yourself what or who Ibai is and why he is important..
I do not know Ibai myself.
Every now and then I have seen his name pop up in the SAP Business One Forum asking a question or answering another.Just like mine. lang=”en-us”> 
For all I know Ibai is a spanish developer with the will to help with whatever assets lang=”en-us”>he has lang=”en-us”>.

lang=”en-us”>Today I received this email (Sorry for publishing this Ibai, but I just had to) lang=”en-us”>:

lang=”en-us”>Hi Lutz,

Well, I don´t really mind of SAP points, and my experience with SBO is not
as big as yours.

But perhaps I could help you. If it is not implementing it, I could be
helpfull for translating the add-on to spanish.

If you are interested, just write me back.

Thanks for this great idea.

Just to make a point here: My guess is that  probably 90 percent of the people reading in the developers network do not consider themselves experts at what they do. Everyone coming here is looking for answers (if they had all the answers, why come here in the first place). However, a lot of the readers just consume and do not contribute, although contribution is the main point of this platform. Every now and then everyone (every developer at least) crossed that one little problem which takes ages to solve and really gets at peoples nerves. Now there are two things one can do.

The first option
The first option is not to tell anyone, it is a company secret, it took such a long time, just put it into that little imaginary chest and lock it up.
I agree that sometimes that is a useful and necessary decision in the world of information technology, since it gets you (and your company) a head start.

The second option
The second option is to drop it off here (or in other places if you think that it does not belong here). Here other people can profit of the time you spent and not run into the same problem again. They will love you for it.

Lets get back to Ibai and me…
We are both not experts (By the way, for all I recall, all of the people I met at the SDN meetup said they did not consider themselves experts either). However Ibai has made the decision to contribute and mentioned an important fact:

All this is not about points, this is about knowledge sharing.

All my points go to you, Ibai.
And thank you for making my day a lot brighter.

Lutz Morrien


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      That inspires me to change the rules in longjump (e.g.): The runner-up and the third place will add their results and decide one of them to be the winner. He gains a new world record by "jumping" 15 meters. That is the new age.
      In sports, participation is everything.
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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author
      True, Klaus.

      Participation is everything. The more important to motivate people who are winning to participate. By the way, as far as I know, Ibai does not have a whole lot of points in the first place. The blog's intent was not about breaking a challenge, it was about creating one.
      It is tough enough to be the only SAP Business One blogger for now. I am just trying to get some company.

      No offense indended,
      Lutz Morrien

      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Hi Lutz,

      We thought about it, but decided against moving your points around. Independent of it being too much effort and not being sure whether he really wants your points. 

      This post was one of the last ones to get rewarded, so we checked the standing and you were really close to the 1000 mark, so we gave you a couple more so you crossed the line. Gregor Wolf also wrote another Weblog post and got some more points too, so that the order isn't changed at all.

      Now you will get an Amazon gift certificate. That you can forward to Ibai if you like, but the points are still yours.

      Enjoy, Mark.

      Author's profile photo Ibai Peña
      Ibai Peña
      Thanks Lutz,

      As I said before, is not about points or rewards. I think if we all share (at least what each one can), we all win. As developers and as persons. I come from other developers comunities and the better ones are the ones that most share.
      That´s my experience, and I only try to do the same.

      I encourage every SBO developer to do the same.

      PD: I was a little surprised with this post when John Mackin told me about it. Looks like I have become the anonimous developer 😀

      Thanks again. Trully.