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*Some of the info is no longer relevant in the new releases. For uptodate info check out the wiki at ** </p><p>Recently there has been many requests on how to pass parameters to ITS URL. Though this has been clarified in the forums,  for the benefit of others i have decided to write this small web log about the same.</p><p>URL</p><p>for WEBGUI</p><p>+Standalone ITS server *</p><p></p><p>*Integrated ITS server (WAS 6.4)*</p><p></p><p>This URL will bring up the initial screen of the SAP GUI.</p><p>If you want to call some transaction , pass values to the screen field and skip to the next screen then the following example should be used.</p><p>*Standalone ITS server+*

Integrated ITS server (WAS 6.4)



WEB RFC model is used to present existing ABAP reports on the WEB and the URL for the same is as follows. (the report/RFC Function Module should be released for internet from transaction SMW0)

This URL will present the ABAP reports selection screen, if you want to by pass selection screen and get to the report output directly, look at the following example.

For. e.g if the ABAP report has a parameter called USER and a select-option called S_DATE the URL for the same would be

http://<ITS_SERVER>:<port>/scripts/wgate/webrfc/!?~language=<language>&_function=www_get_report&_report=<abap_ report_name>&PARC_USER=<parametervalue>&SELC_S_DATE-LOW=<select-option_low_value>&SELC_S_DATE-HIGH=<select-option_ high_ value>Note: This blog is just to help people to generate URLs for ITS services. This doesn’t talk about  ITS technology in whole. More info on ITS can be found here .</p>Upadated Note on 24th Dec 2005: There is a better method to start a transaction is suggested by Klaus Layer and the same can be found at this thread

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  1. Former Member
    Thanks for sharing info on Web reports. However, i would like to know the difference between WebGUI and  WebRFC?

    Could you please explain?

    Shankar K.

  2. Former Member

    This is a very useful link.
    But I am facing a problem.
    I want to call SAP webgui from an application and want to pass some data which need to be prefilled in the screen.

    Have gone through many other threads
    webbgui  – calling a transaction and specify variant or parameter in url

    Things work fine if I pass values to fields which are on first screen, but I am unable to pass data to fields on next screens.

    Taking an example :

    tCode for vendor creation is XK01 and it has many screens, now when I call url

    http://HOST_NAME:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/!?sap-client=CLIENT_ID&sap-user=SAP_USER&sap-password=SAP_PASSWORD&language=EN&~transaction=*XK01 RF02K-LIFNR=Ven1001;

    I am able to view Ven1001 in vendor code in first screen

    But when I call

    http://HOST_NAME:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/!?sap-client=CLIENT_ID&sap-user=SAP_USER&sap-password=SAP_PASSWORD&language=EN&~transaction=*XK01 RF02K-LIFNR=Ven1111;RF02K-BUKRS=COCO;RF02K-EKORG=NG01;RF02K-KTOKK=0001;ADDR1_DATA-NAME1=VEN_NAME

    All the fields on first screen get populated but I don’t get VEN_NAME in Name1 field on GUI

    Tried this

    http://HOST_NAME:8000/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/!?sap-client=CLIENT_ID&sap-user=SAP_USER&sap-password=SAP_PASSWORD&language=EN&~transaction=*XK01 RF02K-LIFNR=Ven1111;RF02K-BUKRS=COCO;RF02K-EKORG=NG01;RF02K-KTOKK=0001;Ok_Code=ENTR;ADDR1_DATA-NAME1=VEN_NAME

    as well, but no success

    Can anybody help. Thanks in advance



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