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How do you click your day, or “Just Share it!”

Whether I just come to the office bright and early or am about to go to bed – my FireFox gets the same click – I check my collection of weblogs. With an RSS reader plugin to my pretty browser I forgot about browsing the Internet and reading the news. No need to look through a long list of sites click-by-click and recall if you’ve read its news or not yet. An RSS reader does the entire job by itself – it refreshes the content of the links and signals if there are updates since you’ve last seen them. I love it :-)!

My collection is growing slowly, sometimes I remove faithless candidate links – so finding a good source is not a piece of cake. In this blog I want to share my list and ask you to feed back with your favorite blogs. I didn’t want to concentrate on a technical perspective but by the force of my passion most of my links are technical. Although I have a few dozen blogs I’ll list only three most attractive in every group.

1. Technology in general.

  • O’Reilly Weblogs – no need to explain what O’Reilly is and the bloggers uphold the reputation. Quite frequently updated.
  • Wired News – new gizmos and fantastic projects are described here.
  • TheRegister – latest rumors and news from the IT world (a bit Europe-oriented).
  • (I didn’t list Slashdot because obviously you already know it and I’m constrained by three items 🙂

2. Java and around.

  • TheServerside – all the latest news from Java world (there is its sister with .net at the end instead of .com – if you’re not a .Net programmer this news will keep you quite informed about interesting events in the .Net area).
  • Sun’s blogs – blogs from the fathers of Java (actually there are tens of blogs but I chose Moazam’s as a starting point).
  • Artima Weblogs – another community of “programmers who care about their craft”. Not solely about Java but covers it in abundance besides other interesting articles.

3. Guru’s blogs

Here I list blogs of masters of the industry whose opinion regarding any realm is noteworthy.

4. Security.

5. Project management.

  • PragmaticProgrammer – a must-read book for any programmer.
  • Joel on Software – quite skeptical opinions regarding all “obvious” standards and approaches in modern project management but very interesting reading, forcing you to think it over again.
  • Joana Rothman – amazing site about hiring technical people and project management. Very often updated.

I invite you to list a few of your lovely blogs (not necessarily about programming!). Let’s share not only our knowledge but the sources of our knowledge as well.

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