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FoS Friends of SDN Camp

Attending Foo Camp for the second time last weekend reminded me why I am so    excited about the Wiki    BoF combination for the two SAP TechEds in San    Diego and in Munich.    You may think that SDN is far out by allowing the participants to create part    of the SAP TechEd program, but compare that to the Foo Camp which is doing    nothing else but self organized sessions.

John Battelle did a great job describing    last year’s Foo Camp for Business 2.0. CNN picked up the story, read it    if you want more background information.

imageHow    does it work? Tim O’Reilly invited about 250 of his closest Geek friends. As    the main liaison between O’Reilly and SAP they were kind enough invite me too.    It was a most humbling experience to be between all these people that do these    amazing things.

The O’Reilly team used a Wiki to organize the whole event. It was common knowledge    not to point to it before the event. I guess not everyone got the memo,    the Wiki is now the second link on Google if you search for Foo    Camp. The genie is out, that is great for me, so I can point out the similarities    to what we want to do at SAP TechEd. Just call us copycats 🙂

On the Wiki there was a session    suggestion page and lots of people would suggest sessions and others show    their interest by signing their names next to them.

On Friday night after the short round of introductions, which I unfortunately    missed, because I didn’t get out of the office in time, everyone who wanted    to hold a session just went to the front of the room and filled in the title    of the session in one of the available time slots.

For the SAP TechEd BoFs that mad dash will not happen. We will align the BoF    Sessions with the available slots at least a week before they begin, so we can    announce them better.

What kind of sessions were offered?

imageWar    Stories from Web Services This one was really interesting, because representatives    from Amazon, IBM, eBay, Google, PayPal, freelance developers as well as some    of the people that wrote the original Web Services specifications were there.    I leaned back and thought, if you don’t count RSS/Atom, 95% of all Web services    gardeners are right here in this room.

Amazon developer goes to the front: “We knew that there were two standards    and so we implemented both REST and SOAP, but 80% of our calls are done via    REST. PayPal developer: “Sorry can’t do that in the banking arena, REST    is not secure enough.” Next one gets up: “SOAP’s too complicated, even    if you find the problem after complicated debugging, the problem is embedded    and you are not able to change that …” Input from the audience: “But    it is just a framework around …” Needless to say it went over my head,    but I wished that A little taste of SAP at EuroFoo and [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] would have been there, they would have gotten a kick out of it.

Creating passionate users. By the people behind the surprisingly successful    “Head first” book series from O’Reilly. [I hope to write a separate    Blog post about it soon]

3D Printing and Open Source Hardware Soon you will be able to print    your gadgets in your garage with a spoofed up ink-jet printer. Just instead    of ink it is printing plastic particles. Very cool. Therefore you only need    the blueprint and you are ready to go. That is where the Open    Source Design initiative has its roots as it wants to become the SourceForge    for hardware.

With that possibility just over the horizon, tinkering and do-it-yourself    is about get a brand new status and I can’t wait for that to happen. A new Mook    (hybrid between a Book and a Magazine) will tap into that Zeitgeist or will help    create it: Make:    The concept and some of the ideas for it were introduced. One of the first articles    will be about kite aerial photography. The cover boy Charles    Benton was there and showed us how it works: Digital camera, remote control,    special harness, kite and off you go. Here are some of the pictures    he took. If you look closely you may even see me in some of the pictures.

There was lots more. Just remember DJ Adams story about his HelloSAPWorld A little taste of SAP at EuroFoo. My head is still processing all the things that happened.

I think we can do some similar sessions at the SDN Camp aka Club House    at the SAP TechEds.

Calling all FoS (Friends of SDN) to come forward with your session idea and    enthusiasm. Have you tinkered with RFID and SAP? What about Open Source? DJ    and Piers can hopefully convince their boss to send them to the Munich TechEd    therefore the Open    Source and SAP session will be covered, but what about San Diego? Are there    no open source developers who also have one foot in the SAP world in the Americas?    Integration of other third party software? SAP Web services war stories?

If you don’t come forward, I will have to rename the sessions to FoF [Friends    of Finnern sessions :-)] because almost all of them are from people I know.    Why is no one interested in the SDN Reputation session? It’s your reputation    that is on the line. I have no problem getting my requirements met. What about    you?

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      Former Member
      If possible, it might be interesting to do a poll to see how many SDN regulars are actually going to the San Diego or Munich Tech Ed.

      I know that I would like to attend the BoF sessions, but I don't think I can make it to Tech Ed.


      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Scott,

      The poll is open.

      Please put your name here if you are going to th e San Diego SAP TechEd:

      Please add your name to the following page if you are coming to the Munich SAP

      Thanks in advance, Mark.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks.  Should I be offended that the Wiki calls me an Anonymous Gnome?  🙂
      Author's profile photo Brian McKellar
      Brian McKellar
      It is more the Wiki that is slightly offended :). You never did introduce youself! Just hit that AnonymousGnome link and give a name by which to call you.