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BSP / HowTo: Exploring BSP Development and the MiniWAS 6.20 Part 5

Quite a bit of work went into this little application and most of you probably noticed that some of the work was redundant and some was a bit inefficient. I wanted to take just a small moment to explain to you why I did this application the way I did and what I hope this little application does for you.

I put this together as a Tutorial, a sample application doing things in several different ways in order to show as many possiblities as I could. My goal was simple.

Provide a very robust set of examples in a simple setting.

I hope I achieved this and I hope that everyone was able to follow my logic and examples. By no means is this a productive application or something that I would expect anyone to employ for real use without some major overhauling.

I welcome any and all comments and suggestions for helping to make this application a better tutorial for new comers to BSP.

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  • Not to distract from your worthwhile contribution to SDN, but I wonder if a running series of weblog posts like this is not better suited as an article?

    Thanks for the content all the same.


    • You know I thought about that after I posted this last one.

      Due to the length a single article would have done a good job to cover it all but I wasn’t sure. I’ve considerewd putting all of them together and submitting them as a single article as well – it’s something I`ll have to consider for next time.

      Thanks for the feedback, it let’s me know that someone else is thinking of the possiblity as well.


    • Personally I like the weblog style of writing. It breaks big projects (which are maybe then never started) into manageable sections. The writer benefits from having smaller “projects” to complete. The reader benefit from not having to absorb extensive amount of technical info in one go. Win-win 🙂
  • Hi Craig,

    I have now finally succeeded in reading the last chapter in your book. Saying that you “scratched the surface” is a total understatement. This is a very extensive tour through BSP, touching many aspects important in developing a good application. This weblog series should become the “read first” for all newbies.

    What I like even more is the actual application that you developed. All of us have bits and pieces of information, difficult to manage and difficult to have other people benefit from it. The idea of harvesting the extensive knowledge that is available in SDN and building up such a central database, is really excellent. We should discuss this at a TechEd BoF session!

    The one problem with using BSP for such a low-cost project is that it requires a WebAS in Internet, something we don’t have available. The alternative is to building the knowledge base on the SDN Wiki. This has the nice benefit that the complete community can directly input the information, making it a real community process. I hope you make it to TechEd!

    bye, Brian

    • Hi Brian,

      I was shooting for 1st place for the contributor program and then talking to my company about the “then reduced cost of TechEd” but Thomas seems to be still ahead of me although the gap is smaller now. Although I’m in the US now on a small business/vacation trip so I don’t think I’ll rack up too many more points 🙁

      So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it or not to TechEd.

      Although perhaps the next SDN meet or something we could hold a sesson on something like this?


  • Craig, I have completed your BSP Weblog but I have  problem with my pages and how they appear in the browser. All pages have been generated successfully but when executing the BSP application I do not see any tabs on the INDEX page and after clicking the button I am linked to the FAQ page and also there no tabs available. Any idea what can cause this problem since I do want to put this application inti use and also debug it to understand the various dependecies. Thanks as always, Tiest
    • That is very strange, I’ve not come across that are there any dumps in ST22? Are all the proper service nodes activated? Can you load any of the tabstrip examples SBSPEXT_HTMLB and SBSPEXT_XHTMLB?

      You don’t have “Render as single line” selected do you?