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SDN BOF Sessions at TechEd

I know that the Birds of a Feather registration has only been open for a week, but so far I amazed at the lack of interest. Only a handful of people have signed up for any sessions!

Now I know that us Tech Heads aren’t exactly known for our people skills. But these sessions are an excellent opportunity to meet other people with similar technical backgrounds, and to exchange ideas and experiences. Personally I was hoping to meet other BSP developers and see what everyone is working on. If the group didn’t have any particular interest, then I was willing to present an extended look at some of the BSP topics I have covered in Weblogs (and if you have read my weblogs, you probably know that getting me to shut up would be the problem).

I though I might attract interest in my presentation if I offered to give out samples of the products that my company makes. But then I thought, somebody might get hurt if I toss large pieces of office furniture or electronic assemblies at the crowd. Therefore I am going to make the following offer: for everyone who signs up for my session, shows up, and participates; I will buy the first round of drinks at the hotel bar after we leave the conference hall. If the promise of free alcohol doesn’t bring out attendees, I don’t know what will!

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      Former Member
      I wish I could make it but I have two problems, one I am in the US right before the Munich TechED otherwise I am in Germany and the second problem is that my boss told me 'no' and I am flying back to Germany 1 day before TechEd in Munich starts 🙁

      I would love to hear how all the sessions go though!!

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      Former Member
      Hi all,

      just to make a point here: I am very interested in every kind of exchange. On the other hand I am a developer depending on my company's decisions to spend or not spend money on these events.
      Not hard to guess what my company did decide in the end. I I could afford it myself, I'd still go  - but as is, my family is first and SAP TechEd is second 😉

      The interest is still there, though. There is no lack in that.
      Maybe next year...

      Lutz Morrien

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      Former Member
      Hi Lutz,

      I've not given up I'm still trying to pursade my boss. If I managed I'll tell you how maybe it'll work for you as well 🙂

      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Hi Thomas,

      You have an excellent point. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow developers. Please not only suggest a session, but also show your interest by adding your name to the session(s) that you like to participate in.

      Here are the direct links to the Wiki: General SAP TechEd Wiki

      Birds of a Feather San Diego
      Birds of a Feather Munich

      Sign up there, Mark.

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      Former Member
      You emntion lack of interest - I would like to sign up for one of the sessions, but can find no way to do so from the web site I'm directed to.  It just shows the session proposals, and a few interested parties, but no facility for one getting one's name added to the list.  That may be the reason the interest list hasn't grown, I'd think.

      What's the secret?  Inquiring minds want to know...

      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung
      It's actually quite simple.  At the top of the page is an Icon to put the entire page into Change Mode.  You then just go to the line for the session you want and add you name by editing the line.