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Specification of an open source addon

Dear fellow developers,

Lutz Morrien

I have been frequenting the SAP Business One Forum before it even started. And I left a lot of traces posting my own questions and answering the ones of others.

Most of the information I was looking for was basic.
How do I create a form via xml (now called .srf)?
How does the matrix work?
How does a folder control work?

I still see these questions popping up every once in a while…
SAP has done a good job publishing samples, but good new samples have not being published for a while now.

All I was always looking for is this one sample application which would take me by the hand and guide me through all of my basic questions.

For all these reasons I am proposing the development of an open source technology demo addon.

Here is what i dream of…

Technology addon specs:

The Addon …

  • is meant to provide a single point of entry for a developer
    instead of the existing technology samples which each show a part of base technology, there should be only one application which covers all. Hence it should include all existing technology demos
  • will include a sample for all relevant SAP Business One related technologies presented in the current and in all previous releases
  • will be provided to anyone at no cost
  • will be uncompiled, generously commented and open source code
  • is to be written in english language (comments, variable names and other) to serve the whole developers community
  • will provide a sample method of addon registration / addon setup
  • will run on all versions of SAP Business One (by providing a version parameter)
  • uses the us demo database provided by SAP as common ground database for all developers
  • will not (necessarily) serve any real life purpose
  • is to create all neccessary additional userdefined tables and userdefined tables by itself using the DIApi
  • must observe common laws of object oriented development

Additional thoughts:

  • the sample code could be localized to provide access and understanding for developers who do not speak english
  • sample code should be available in all major languages

I will soon start to get the above techdemo on the road. Anyone willing to share his ideas and/or achievements in and around Business One is most welcome to join me in the process.
Lutz Morrien

Lutz Morrien
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  • This is great idea to publish knowledge to one who are willing to learn efficiently.
    I hope this is not a daydream but will come to a reality. I’m waiting for the techdemo addon, and try to challenge myself after read his weblog.
    That’s all about it.


    • Thank you for taking interest in my destiny, Jemmy 😉

      Just wanted to say that I have the basic class layout in my head and some in code. I will hopefully start posting it continiously this weekend.

      The problem is that there are a lot of things to do and my wife rightfully keeps complaining about me not spending enough time with her.

      Anyway, I will start getting this going soon.

      Lutz Morrien

      • Hi Lutz,
        really great idea, i wish you good luck.
        Regards, Stefan
        PS: According the (sometimes well known) problems with your wife, maybe it’s possible to appease her a little bit until you finished the project by giving her your credit card for some free shopping tour 😉
        • Thanks Stefan,
          we are still in a state of relationship where my wife chooses my presence to be of more value than my money 😉

          Her oppinion might be partly based on the fact that I do not earn a lot of money (yet).

          I always cared more about the things i could learn and less about my salary. Maybe I should change priorities now. 😉

          Lutz Morrien


  • SDN is willing to offer double reward points for helping Lutz fulfill his dream demo scenario. That means 240 points for code samples & articles or 400 points for a tutorial that meet Lutz’ requirements.

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    Thanks for your contribution and for supporting your Business One community!

    Kathy Meyers
    SDN Community Manager