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Access SAP R/3 from External

Inspired by a recent article in the News Group I’ve thought about the possibilities to access SAP R/3 from external programming languages and the Web. Here’s a short overview:

Solutions provided by SAP to access SAP R/3 via the Web

  • SAP Internet Transaction Server
    Provides three different programming models: SAP GUI for HTML, Easy Web Transactions and Flow Logic.
  • SAP Web Application Server
    Starting with SAP Web AS 6.10 SAP introduced a new Web Application programming model: Business Server Pages (BSP)
  • SAP Enterprise Portal
    The programming model used here are iViews. They can be implemented directly on the Portal in Java or encapsulate programs running on the ITS, Web AS or other sources available via HTTP(S).
  • SAP Web Dynpro
    New model-driven programming model based on the Model-View-Controller architecture.

Solutions provided by SAP to access SAP R/3 via the different programming languages

On the Website SAP Connectors you find the descriptions and downloads how to connect to SAP with Java, .NET, VB, C++, Cobol and Delphi.

Non-SAP Open Source solutions

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  • The SAP Business Connector (webMethods) is also capable of serving web pages. Its obviously been superceded by many of the above, but people may still encounter it.

    Also, how do you see SAPs commitment to non Java Open source connectors such as Python?

  • Hi Gregor .. Just for funsake

    What about..
    -> The new Adobe Forms solution
    -> JSP + JCO combination running on a Tomcat or
    -> ASP + DCOM Connector running on IIS or
    -> ASP.NET + .Net Connector combination or
    -> Citrix client running in a browser emulating a
       remote SAP GUI
    -> IPC for SAP CRM

    Though some of them technically are a hybrid of what you just mentioned

    • Pran,
      I am looking for a solution to the following:
      Client is using r/3 4.6C, in conjunction with the Java Connector. They are attempting to web enable several reports (and have). But, they are taking report writer generated code, modifying it to exclude dialog/list calls, and placing it into an RFC called by the connector. This is cumbersome and seems like the wrong approach. Is there a better way to web enable generated reports(other than ITS)? You seem like you might have some ideas… Thank you kindly.
      Heather Welty
      • Hi heather
        That depends on what kind of systems you have at your disposal. There are third party reporting tools that can do reporting for R/3. But the simplest means would be to generate PDf reports from R/3 and stream it down through Java Connectors all the way to the web front end. There are function modules that convert reports to pdf data in R/3. Try hacking around with that.