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Engage!!!     Ehm… I Meant HOVER!

I can’t remember exactly how many times I have heard the request to have a hover menu (or mouse-over) capability for the top-level navigation in SAP Enterprise Portal from customers.

Many companies’ portal teams have received feedback from their portal users that being able to see what is hiding underneath a menu entry before you click would be the desirable way to work in a portal.

Good news!
In SAP Enterprise Portal, this feature is available.

In the following steps (captured in an SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 on WebAS 6.40), I will show you how to turn it on. It is literally a two minute activity!

Step 1:
Make sure you have content administration rights.
Go to the tab “Content Administration” and click on “Portal Content”, then “Portal Users”, then “Standard Portal Users”.
Right-click to edit the object Default Framework Page


Step 2:
Select the radio button “Top-Level Navigation” and right-click to edit.
Make sure you select “Show All” in the Property Editor under “Property Category”.
Scroll down until you get to the entry “Hover”.
Change the value to “true” – the default setting is “false”.


Step 3:
Move your mouse from where you were:


Step 4:
You will see the sub-entries of the selected top-level navigation item without having to click on it and changing views.
In this case, I had sent my mouse over to the content administration area where I am now able to see the selections of that area.


You have now enabled your users to mouse-over the top-level navigation entries and see whatever lies underneath!
One more tip – in this portal, the submenus are not that easy to read because of the colors selected in the theme.
You probably want to double-check that and select more visibly contrasting colors.

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