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Troubleshooting for Java Developers

I’m currently preparing my sessions for this year’s TechEd ’04, that you may have heard about these days. One of them is about Troubleshooting on the SAP Web AS for Java Developers. I will do this talk in Munich, while my dear colleague Scott Braker will hold this in San Diego.

There is already a lot of stuff that I put in there. But whatever I think is a good idea to talk about in such a session may not be what the majority thinks is really hot. Well, guess whom I thought was a good idea to ask? YOU, of course.

So, if you hope to find something very specific in this weblog, why not comment directly NOW and tell me what it was? And you shall not do it for free.

You know, I feel guilty because I used common advertising technology to make you read this. Because of that I’ll offer you a real deal. I promise to everybody who presents a “trouble” in the next two weeks (and I can solve it) to give him or her the right bullet directly in this thread!

Is that an offer? And this is not all! Together with this offer comes our 21 pieces…
(OK, let’s leave it there)

Joking aside, if you have something that annoys you for a long time now, please write it down here. If you have a solution already, fine, let us know that one also. But please don’t send me suggestions for product definition, as that is out of scope for this. I’ll jump on this later, with my next advertisement.

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  • Hi Benny,

    Had to read it a couple of times, but now I get it. If there are things that trouble me while  programming in Java, post it here and you will post(shoot) a solution if you have one as a comment.

    Nice offer, I am surprised that no one has taken you up on it, after all our Java Programming forum is one of our most active ones.
    Java Development

    See you at TechEd, Mark.

  • Hello Benny,

    don’t know if this question was asked before or if it’s already available…

    Do we have a possibility to automate deployment process in WebAS? Ant task for deployment? Possibility to drop ear or exploded ear into a certain location so that it was picked by appserver and redeployed on the fly?

    Cheers, Stepan.

    • Hi Stepan,

      I’m not really aware what you search for. If you are using NetWeaver Developer Studio, then deployment always was automated. You would have a problem if you wanted it non automated.

      Even though you don’t see it, the process that is doing deployment IS an ant task.

      For the rest you got to tell me why you want to do this, because I have no idea what makes this superior over the standard way of deployment (rightclick on EAR and chose ‘deploy’).


      • Hi,
        Well, imagine that I’m a hardcore open source J2EE developer; I work mainly with JBoss, using hacky tools like IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse 3.0
        I hear from my fellow hacker friend about SAP WebAS and decide to check it out.
        So, I download it and try to run my app on it, following excellent blog of Yury Sokolovksy. Of course, I’m used to my tools and don’t want to change them, at least for now. So, I decide to change a deployment step in my big build.xml ant file, which compiles source code, generate java docs, runs unit tests, and does Clover coverage, whatever else. And I hit the wall at this point, because I don’t know, where to get an ant task to deploy my EAR to SAP WebAS! Manual deployment is good for doing it once or twice. When you are in the development lifecycle, it quickly becomes an irritation. And I can say that most application servers on the market have this feature, so people are used to this…Of course, when we are talking about using the whole stack of SAP technologies, it doesn’t really matter – Netweaver Development Studio takes care. But when we’re talking about usage of WebAS standalone …
  • Hi Benny,
    one of the IMO most common pitfalls is the good old “I’ve forgotten to add the runtime app/lib/service-reference and getting ClassNotFoundErrors” problem. This is a classic and get’s even worse, if you combine a new EAR from multiple already existing J2EE modules (hmm, which references did i add to my modules before?).
    Maybe this is one possible topic for your session.
    Best regards, Stefan
    • Hi Stefan,
      now that looks like you know the answer already? Or is it just: Search for them in your old projects.
      I don’t see a way to avoid this anyhow or to help people here, do you?


      • Hi Benny,
        hmmm, i was not aware, that you expected to get the solutions of the probable problems posted here 😉
        Thinking about it more seriously, it should be possible to resolve most of the references of a J2EE module by inspecting the referenced projects and declared library, service… references, collect all of them, throw out duplicates, build a “knowledge base” of designtime <-> runtime references with common used reference types (weak/hard) and manipulate/extend the references section of the application-j2ee-engine.xml of the target EAR accordingly. But you would need a tool or a wizard for this, which doesn’t exist so far..

        Best regards,