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Without fanfare we added a nice little page to SDN last week: Listing the Top    Contributing Companies. Now some SDN Members are wondering how we are deriving    the list.

There was a long discussion within SDN about how to do it. We didn’t want to    run after people to update the company field, because they filled it out differently    like SAP, SAP AG, SAP Labs, SAP India, …

Not perfect, but straight forward is to take everything after the @ sign of    your email address. We filter out the usual non company email addresses: Hotmail,    Yahoo, t-online, …We are sure that we didn’t catch all of them. Let us know    also if you as a company don’t want to be listed and we will take you off. (Email: You fall through the cracks unfortunately, if you are actually working    for Yahoo 🙁 We also took out SAP because it just wouldn’t be right to have us hovering    over all of you.

Now you can check for yourself which the most active companies on SDN are. Soon we will add  drill down capabilities to the different development areas and once we have the possibility in place    for you to opt out, a drill down to the people per company and where the points    came from will be possible. Now that will be really interesting.

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  1. Hmm…after we came to know that me and my colleague updated our resgistered mail address to reflect our companies domain and we know that between us we have close to more than 80 points but our company is still unlisted. Hmmm ..again 🙂
    1. Former Member
      Hi Pran,
      if you change the mail address in your profile, the points counted earlier are *not* transferred to the new address. I tried this also, since the homepage of the mail address i registered with is empty and i don’t want/need to change this at the moment 😉
      1. Mark Finnern Post author
        Hi SDN Members,

        At the moment we most cases are, where people realize that the email address that they have listed is relevant and want to change that to reflect their real status or obscure it 🙂 And we are working on a solution for that problem.

        But there is the case, that someone is changing jobs. Should the points be transfered over to the new company or not.

        Individually they stay with your SDN user, but what about the company listing, start from that day, transfer over, count on both sides?

        If we don’t transfer, the company points will be out of sync with the summary of the people working for that company, so I would prefer the transfer solution as the clean cut.

        Let me know what you think, Mark. 

        1. Former Member
          Hi Mark,
          i say *yes* to the clean cut! The company points should IMO always be transferred to the new company if the SDN user mail address (domain) changes.
          Best, Stefan
        2. I say *yes* …. transfer the points. Because when knowledge is tranferred the points must also be…
        3. Hi Mark,

          I don’t want to repeat all the arguments for transferring, but just express that these arguments are really strong. Just do it 🙂

      2. Mark Finnern Post author
        Hi SDN Members,

        As you requested, if you change your email address, your points are also transfered to the new company, or whatever you put behind the @ sign.

        Enjoy, Mark.

    2. Former Member

      How do you calculate the Top Companies? For the longest time my company was listed and showed 10 points less than what I have and now it shows a bit more points than what I have and as far as I know no one else in my company is active in the forums and I’ve not seen any weblogs from anyone else – or is there an update problem with the points and I really have more than I see right now??


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