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Simple XSL/XML Translation iView

I noticed a recent posting concerning a new feature in SP3 (or is it SP4?) which would allow portal administrators to quickly link RSS feeds into the portal by utilizing an out of the box RSS to XHTMLB translation server.

Thinking that this was pretty interesting, I went through my portal and looked for this XML iView component but couldn’t find it. I won’t lie to you and say that I was devastated, but I thought that I got my hopes up for nothing..

After a while, I said to myself “self.. why not use another open-source solution to allow for quick and easy parsing for XML via XSL.” Now, I wouldn’t consider myself the greatest JAVA developer in the world, but I could hold my own.

I spend a few minutes and whipped up a small iView which will allow portal administrators to integrate remote information sources into their portal. The iView has two custom parameters (XSLSource and XMLSource). Pretty straight forward. XSLSource is the URL to the XSL file used in parsing. XMLSource is.. you guessed it.. the URL to the XMLSource.

The iView that I wrote is VERY simple. In fact it consists of a single class and about 40-50 lines of code (including import statements!). I decided to use the XALAN (, to provide a simple and quick XSL parsing mechanism.

Here is an example XSL File and RSS Feed
XML Source :
XSL Template :

Again, I cannot stress how SIMPLE this example is. If people are interested I could modify the code to show how instead of requiring a URL for the XML/XSL sources, you could place the content in other locations ( Knowledge Management.. for example).

Download it now.. Download
PAR file is located within the ZIP

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      Hi Craig,
      Just wondering if you'd be interested in having us upload your code sample to the SDN repository. Then maybe more people could find it and make use of it. (Besides, you might even get some recognition points for it...)
      If you're interested, submit your code sample via SDN ( and make sure you make it to my attention (Kathleen Meyers).
      Thanks and regards,
      SDN Community Manager
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      Former Member
      Thanks Kathy..

      I already submitted it but never heard back..

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      Former Member
      Updated.. Actually I was just told that it should be up by the end of the week ;>

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      Former Member
      Does anyone who downloaded the iView have any questions or comments? Did you guys like it?
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      Irudayaraj Peter
      I have about XML iView. The XML iView actually publishes the XML data using the XSL transformations.

      What about that ?

      How is it more useful than that ?

      Irudayaraj P

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      Former Member
      Thanks for the comment.. but I am not really sure what you are refering to.
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      Former Member
      the XML iView you've mentioned is available with netweaver stack 04 (that's ep60sp6...).
      kr, achim
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      Paul Tomlinson
      You can actually already do this in KM using a repository filter.  You apply an xsl file (which is already provided in the portal) to convert rss into html and turn it on for a particular repository.  Works a treat!


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      Jerin Mathew
      If i have a reference to an image in the xslt file where should i keep the image so that it will be visible in the rendered HTML in the iview.( im using XML to HTML conv using XSLT)


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      Blog Post Author
      You would probably want to host the images and other 'standard' files on the webserver that is hosting either the XSL file or the source of the XML..

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      Former Member
      Hello all,

      In fact you can integrate RSSFeeds in EP at least since EP5 SP5 using a standard iview (from KM) named RSScomponent.

      It is part of the standard archive provided with KM

      We've been using it from EP5 SP5 and keep using it in EP6 SP2.


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      Daniel Wroblewski
      (1) I loaded the PAR file and createdan iView with the data sources provided in the WebLog. But I get the following error:

      Could not load stylesheet.

      It seems to occur either in the loading of the XSL or in the transform step.

      (2) The XML iview that ships with the portal provides RSS and HTMLB transformers, but does not seem to offer a way to specify an XSL stylesheet for your own transform. Am I wrong here?

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      Blog Post Author

      1. Try using ""

      Let me know if that works..

      2. I think it is only RSS to HTMLB.. I don't think there is an 'easy' way to build your own XSLT.

      However, I have been wrong before ;>