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After a little hiatus I am back. I have started learning something new from the wild choices we have available in the SAP Developer world. I will talk about it a little later. First a little background, as is clear from my signature line that I am portals consultant with some of the lids(skills – see this All those lids..) like implementation, development, KM, PDK etc. Having a background in Java development has definitely helped me in moving forward on portals path and its various integration scenarios. With SAP getting more and more stuff on Java (NW04 being the biggest) it has been getting better and better from my point of view. But lately on couple of projects doing integration with CRM my limited experience in BSP/PCUI development has been a limiting factor. I battled with the idea of learning BSP for sometime with arguments like how much a person should learn. Finally I have decided to learn BSP or in other words geek in me won over. So I have bought the Web Programming with the SAP Web Application Server which teaches the basic BSP programming. Still I can’t seem to stop thinking whether I am learning something which is going to be there for long or is it something which I will use on couple of projects in the near future and then move on with good ol’ Java.  
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  1. Brian McKellar
    Hallo Pankaj,

    Learning BSP is just like acquiring another hammer for your toolbox, and in this case a very good one. This is the fastest (and nicest:) way to develop applications that require backend data to be presented in the web.

    Of course you are right that one day BSP will not be with us anymore. The same as Cobol, mainframes, etc. But we are planning to be around a long time to come, with the usual SAP support still running for years (and years!) for BSP. If I think about our typical customers that run BSP applications with 10 and 20 thousand users, then definitely BSP is here to stay for awhile.

    See also this interesting thread: Advantages of BSP

    regards, brian

  2. Pankaj Kumar Post author
    Brian, Mark

    Thanks for the encouraging words. Let’s see where this journey takes me thru uncharted waters, at least for me.



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