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Mission Accomplished

That’s a loaded subject line, and no I am not going there. With the introduction of the Contributor Recognition Program we also opened an /community [original link is broken] forum. For whenever you wish there was a solution, but you can’t find one on SDN yet post your request there. This weekend Dagfinn Parnas solved the Solution for the Problem decribed in Craig’s Weblog.

This makes me really happy. As Bill Joy said and I am paraphrasing here, because I couldn’t find the exact quote on the net. Most of the best programmers don’t work inhouse.It’s a numbers game.

That we have a solution now proves, that our community is big enough to solve even hard problems and that is what makes me happy.

Let me recall the steps:
There were problems voiced in two threads on the forums, where even Brian McKellar offered some of his points for a solution. Craig Cmehil summarized the forum posts in the Input=FILE, how to hide the plain browse button Weblog post. Clearly this was missing content on SDN, and I posted it in the /community [original link is broken] forum making it eligible for double points.

Some people tried and failed until Dagfinn Parnas solved it this weekend and described his solution in this Solution for the Problem decribed in Craig’s Weblog post.

A Weblog with integrated code sample and screen shots gets currently ~ 100 points, solved content that was requested in the /community [original link is broken] forum double that and the promised 100 points from Brian McKellar. Dagfinn walked off with a cool total of 300 points. That’s not bad.

Mission Accomplished? Well, I would say we showed how the whole process works. (Just take out Brain’s extra points). Let’s do one without my intervention, that would rock.

Again, the target of the forum and the process is to give you a possibility to voice what content/code samples are missing on SDN and enabling others to fill that gap. But so far there are exactly two requests awaiting your content:

Landscape & upgrade scenarios: I think we would all benefit from the discussion of hypothetical landscape scenarios and upgrade implications across environments in a few common examples.

Queries against ODS vs. Cube: I’m looking for best practices relating to when you should or should not develop queries against ODS. I am familiar with the standard considerations like level of granularity and so forth but would like to be able to analyze each situation more thoroughly. Does anyone know if there is a document that discusses this topic?

Come on, I can’t believe that we are that good and have all content bases already covered here. Let your fellow SDN members know what you are missing, so that they can also benefit from doubling their content points.

Bonus link: [haven’t had one in a while] Real (virtual) life story: The great Scam: Nightfreeze [via Clay Shirky] total foreign world to me. It is long, so save it for the end of the day. I guess there were too many requests, so the links are down, but there is the Google cashed version.

Bonus link II for Palo Alto SDN members: Carnegie Mellon Red Racing Team Visits SAP Labs Thursday, August 19 , 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Location: SAP Labs Cafeteria Building: D 3410 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto. Free and open to the

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