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What should I contribute to SDN?

Sometimes people say: “Actually I would love to do my part to improve SDN,    but I don’t know what to contribute. Is there a list?”

So far there wasn’t a list. In my Weblog post introducing the Announcing the Contributor Recognition Program I also pointed towards the new /community [original link is broken] forum, where SDN members can let everyone know what the    are missing here. I guess there was too much information in the Weblog post    and people scanned and may have missed it.

Reminds me of the old Police song: “Too much information running through    my head, too much information driving me insane.” What album was that on?

It is pretty straight forward. You would like to see more content in a particular    area of SDN? Write a post in the /community [original link is broken] forum. With SDN having over 75.000 members right now    there is probably someone who has that content already on his computer or can    whip it up in no time. Upload the content in form of a code sample, an article    or a Weblog post …

Once it is published, post a responds to the original forum request linking    to the new content. If the requester is happy with it, she marks the answer    as “Solved the problem” and with that the poster gets 10 points. As    a thank you for delivering content that people requested, we honor that content    by giving it double points. Weblogs at least 80, articles, code samples: 120.

Roberto Sehringer was the first one to request more information in the area    of Landscape & upgrade scenarios:


I think we would all benefit from the discussion of hypothetical landscape      scenarios and upgrade implications across environments in a few common examples.     

It is a great way to steer the SDN content creation in a good direction and the SDN team will have a list of content to point people towards. Please post    your requests and I am looking forward to the first time we close the circle.

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  • I guess it’s on the album “Ghost in the Machine”.
    Once again, congratulations to the whole SDN community – information sharing at it’s finest!
  • I had lyrics in my blog too (Leonard Cohen), composed around the same time, chronologically, as yours.

    Great minds thing alike. 🙂