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A Look at XML iViews in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP Stack 04

One of the joys of being a product manager with SAP are the days when you actually get to spend time manipulating and massaging the latest and greatest builds of the latest and greatest SAP NetWeaver component:
SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP Stack 04, which just happens to run on WebAS 6.40.

Well, today was such a day.

We are teaching an RKT class this week in Newtown Square, PA, at SAP America’s headquarters building. RKT stands for Ramp-up Knowledge Transfer.
Our class contains mostly SAP consultants who are getting ready to deploy to Ramp-up customers, but also a few partners and even one customer. Mostly men, but we have two women in the class, and guess what – no surprise here – a team with a woman in it was first again in finishing the installation. Do I see a pattern forming here or what?

Today, I wanted to share with you one of the rather exciting little new features I stumbled across: Being able to tie XML links (RSS in my case) into the portal easily and viewing them as iViews.

In order to do so, you simply create a new iView by calling the XML iView wizard.


You then, after entering the standard name, ID and prefix, get to a screen, which either allows you to browse for a URL or to simply enter it.


In my case, I went out to SDN and grabbed the RSS URL listed on the Weblogs page (bottom right underneath the Comments section).


Once I had the URL, I pasted it into the URL window in my iView wizard.


In the next step, I was asked what I would like to do now, and I selected the RSS to XHTMLB option.


Upon saving this quick iView, I was able to bring this into a page with another iViewCatcher iView, which I had already generated.


Yes, you read that one right: iViewCatcher is back!

More about that next time – have to get ready for my teaching gig in the morning.

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  • Include an RSS feed that easy into an iView. Very nice.

    That means if you call that iView tomorrow morning my comment will be there?

    Hallo Elke!
    Have a good training 🙂

    (Psst, you male students, don't believe everything she says, she leads us always down the wrong path, so that she can claim that the women were faster again 🙂

    • Hi Mark,
      Indeed, whatever was added now shows up in my iView - this is dynamically linked.
      I just created another iView, which pulls in all the new blog entries as well. So now I have the blogs AND the comments. Life in SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 on WebAS 6.40 is good 🙂
      P.S. I counted again...we actually have three women in the class. And two female with only one male instructor - how is that for a ratio?
      • The RSS iView's visual appearance currently does not allow for XSL modifications. However, there are properties for customizing the look and feel, such as ShowDatesMode, ShowTime, GroupByDate, DateFormat, TimeFormat and ScrollHeight.
        All this is based on the XML Transformation Service.
  • Hi,
    This is a great feature and I would like to configure it myself. I have installed the WAS 6.40 sneak preview with EP6 SP4 but do not have the XML iView available to me. Is there something that I need to do to enable the iView?.


    • hi,
      i've got the same problem:
      a new installed ep60sp4 preview doesn't offer the XML iview-Template during creation of a new iview.
      is there a difference between the preview and the official ramp-up version?

      what can i do?

      kind regards, achim

    • Hi,

      This feature is available in Support Package Stack 04, which translates to SAP Enterprise Portal SP 6.
      This is why you would not see this feature yet.
      Be patient! 🙂

  • I've created exactly the iview but get the "Error while using XML iView, please contact your system administrator".

    Maybe it is a proxy problem? So i filled in the proxy settings and restarted

    No result.
    Does anyone have other suggestions to consider

    • Hi Dirk
      We encountered the same problem here on an EP V6.0 SP14. On an EP V6.0 SP9 the RSS-Feed iView is working fine.
      Did you solve the problem on your System?
      Thanks for your help.
      • Hello Nicolaj,

        We are having the same problem getting RSS working in portals version 6.0 SP14.  Any luck getting yours working?

        We will keep you posted if we make any progress.


        • Hi Nicolaj and Max,

          have you tried to re-enter the proxy-settings and restart the service? Usually this error appears if there is any problem with the proxy, so best might be, if you try it again: In System-Configuration --> Service Configuration --> Applications --> fill in the fields "HTTP Proxy Host" (value "proxy" is sufficient or the IP-Adress of the proxy) and "HTTP Proxy Port" (usually value "8080"), then you should restart the service. I tried it with 6.0 SP15 and here it is working fine after correcting these settings ...  


  • In addition to Jana's comment, I also set the HTTP - Enable Proxy setting field to true, and filled in the same values for firewall.

    Everything is working fine for me now! I am on SP14... Feed your portals!

    Hilco Broens

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