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New King of the SDN Forum Hill

Yesterday Stefan    Klensch (Forum,    Weblogs)    surpassed Benny Schaich-Lebek for the first time by writing his 514th forum    post. (Today he added another 8 to 522. Benny, you shouldn’t have gone on vacation    🙂

Stefan is now SDN’s most prolific forum poster. It was great meeting you in person    at the SDN Contributor Meet in Walldorf. Congratulations and keep up the good    work. As a little token of our appreciation an Amazon gift certificate is on    it’s way. Hope to see again at the SAP    TechEd in Munich in October.

After only one Weblog post per day in the last three days, this is the 6th    Weblog today. A record for SDN, if I am not mistaken, almost as good as    Lance 🙂 Thank you all you Bloggers.

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  • Hi Mark,
    thank you very much. I’m feeling honoured and a little bit embarrassed also for being mentioned here this way.
    All i hope is, that i could help some people out there having trouble and that some of them were at least partly satisfied with my attempts to answer their questions. Looking at my number of Weblogs, hmm, i should work a little bit more on it…
    It was a pleasure for me meeting you and the other partipicants of the Blogger/Contributor meetup in person (it’s stunning, even SAP employees are all just human actually ;).
    I’m planning (not quite sure at the moment) to visit the SAP TechEd in Munich and would appreciate it to meet you “SAP folks ;-)” again there (BTW there are a lot more beer gardens in Munich, which are really worth to visit, after the official part of course).
    Hopefully Benny is not really sad about not having the pole position at the moment. Remembering the usual frequence of his forum contributions, the situation will “revert to normality” quite soon when he returns from his vacation.

    All the best,

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