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  1. Scott Barden
    Kind of on this topic, what part of the process is responsible for the size of normal text within blogs etc?

    It bugs me when sites (including SDN) don’t allow me to increase the text size using the font size option of IE (eg. Medium, Larger).


    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Scott,

      It bugs me too. Don’t know why that is, will look into it and let you know.

      Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

    2. Scott Barden
      Fantastic!  I notice that some areas of SDN now support larger font sizes set via the browser.

      Makes usability much better for those of us with high-resolution screens.  Thanks (though I note that the home page doesn’t fully support this).


        1. Piers Harding
          Same here.

          It’s hard on old, semi-blind people like me.  The first thing I have to do is whack the font size up a couple of notches each time an SDN window is opened.


  2. Armin Reichert
    I would very much appreciate if as a result of changing the font size of the browser, the content font would change and the navigation area font would remain fixed.

    Regards, Armin

  3. Klaus Meffert
    I have the same problem like DJ Adams and Piers Harding (just posted new comment out of hierarchy to make it more concise.

    I can read nearly everything perfectly (Weblog text, comments), but not the Top Weblogs List (which is very important for me to watch currently -:) )

    Here’s my screenshot:

    BTW: The texts “Comment on this weblog” and the texts below one’s own weblog’s titles (Status, Date, “Edit | Your View | Public View”) have the same small font. The same holds for the note and the enumeration on the “Upload Image” page.




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