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Marc Goodner Standardizing Syndication    a couple of Weblogs ago: ” … I know of another really cool site that    provides ATOM feeds but unfortunately it’s a secret …” and Brian McKellar    BSP Programming: RSS = HttpClient + XML + XSLT    reminded me that I haven’t lifted the veil yet.

Well, yes we are supporting Atom    on the Weblog side of SDN. Point your Atom-enabled feed reader here: atom icon.

From a pure publishing perspective Atom support does not give    my anything more that I don’t get with RSS already. You can check both of our    feeds and they are more or less identical. Also all feed readers that are able    to read Atom can also process RSS. Maybe I am overlooking something, and please    comment to this Weblog if I do, but so far there was no reason for us to publicize that we are supporting Atom. It only leads to fruitless discussions on     what to choose.

There was a study done about why people are buying organic food    and the surprise answer from many people was that it gives fewer choices and therefore    easier shopping.

I am following the Atom versus RSS discussion with quite some    interest, the latest being the rumor that Google    will support RSS again next to Atom, which they switched to only this    spring. Supporting both – does that mean they are following our lead? – Actually check the O’Reilly Weblogs and you will realize who is in the lead.

Give me a compelling reason and I will add the atom icon    icon to the Weblog pages.

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