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Java for ABAP Programmers, the weblog.

I’ve seen a lot of talks on J2EE (Enterprise Java) and maximizing your use of JSPs (Java Server Pages) and Servlets. These have been brilliant talks by some very clever speakers.

The questions I’m asked most, however, are not about advanced Java, but more about the basics. Things like “How does ABAP compare to Java?”, “What are the strengths and weaknesses of each language?” and the most common question of all “How can I learn Java?”.

My presentation will touch on all of these, with the added bonus of getting a full-blown tutorial for you to take home and learn Java. You can also download this from .

This is the format that the presentation will follow:

Why Java?
In this section we’ll take a look at the reasoning behind using Java in SAP. Why have SAP chosen to go with the “dual personality” of ABAP and Java? We’ll explore the benefits of Java and why we need to embrace it in this emerging world of “ubiquitous computing”.

What is Java?
Here we will have a look at the thinking behind the development of Java. We’ll explore the similarities between Java and ABAP and the differences too. We’ll also explore why ABAP is so good at what it does and why we all need to “dual skill” to develop for the 21st century.

We will explore a simple Java program and examine the structure behind it.

How do we Java?
In this section we will go over the most difficult aspect of converting your skills. The Object Oriented Paradigm. You will see some basic examples of OO design and we will explore the benefits of Object Oriented coding.

When is Java?
It’s now. No really. NetWeaver is solidly upon us. We will become coding in Java in many aspects of NetWeaver. This is not really a section, it’s a statement, learn Java or (as IBM said a few years back) start flipping burgers for a living.

Java and SAP.
This will lead us into how SAP is using Java to deliver NetWeaver. We will look at Java in Portals, Java in the Mobile Development Toolkit, the Java Connector or JCo and we’ll have a quick look (Sadly we have time constraints) at Eclipse ( ) which is the underlying platform for the NetWeaver Development Studio.

I think we’ll have a lot of fun with this and you’ll go away with a real passion for learning Java and the tools to do it!

Alistair Rooney

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