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Rock the VoteYou    can still vote for you favorite SDN    Member Session for TechED until the 24th of June and our sincere apology    for the site having been down most of the day yesterday.

But this post is not about the TechEd Sessions, but about the new SDN    survey. Please let us know what you think. It has been a while since we    did the last one. We listened to your feedback and since changed the forum software, for example.

Sadly the last time around you didn’t rate Weblogs very high. You wanted to see    less Flufflogs and more meat-and-potatoes technical blogs. Did we deliver on    that request? (If not, you have to look to the end of your own nose too. How    many blogs did you write offering technical rarities?)

What about other SDN areas? The SDN Suites? E-Learning Zone? Webinars? DevToday?    This isn’t Florida ๐Ÿ™‚ we are going through the results with a fine-tooth comb and    it does influence our decisions and steers us in the right direction.

Just don’t forget that magic wands may work in Harry Potter movies, but somehow    we are still waiting for the delivery of one to SDN Headquarters, so changes take    time.

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  1. Former Member Post author
    Today is the last day of voting, for your favorite SDN
    Member Session
    for TechEd ’04. For the once, like me, that waited until the last day to cast their vote, we made it a bit tougher to reach the voting booth. (Took a page from the Florida elections ๐Ÿ™‚ We closed down the voting station
    on the main page, so you have to use the back alley link in this comment or in the Weblogs Rock the Vote or Rock the Vote II. I just hope none of the UN election officials will be notified, or we may get in trouble. Please vote.

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