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Rock the VoteThe    ability to vote for your favorite SDN    Member Session at TechED is not even three days old and already there are    get out the vote campaigns going on.

An email went out to all of SMB it seams to give their topics a push:


Please go now to and select the Feature “Vote on      SAP TechEd ’04 Proposals” and submit your vote for the following 3 sessions:

I am not telling you which ones they suggested, but if you don’t want SMB to    dominate the result, you better vote    yourself and get your friends to vote too.

If you have suggested a session, you may want to start    blogging and telling people about why your’s is the greatest. Let’s see    your arguments and give others the chance to comment on it. To give you a bit    more time to make your case, we will extend the voting by a week, we havn’t    changed the date on the web page yet, but we will.

Looking forward to the debate.

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  1. Marian Harris
    Who wouldn’t want to hear about how these small companies with IT staffs of maybe 3 or 8 people are able to deploy and develop in SAP NetWeaver solutions?  These 3 presentations may have a campaign boost to create awareness, but they’ll generate their own votes by virtue of the relevancy of their topics!  3 really cool companies w/ really amazing projects.
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Marian,

      That’s all nice and dandy from an SMB perspective, but the technology space in and around SAP is so much bigger.

      Case in point, 63 of the 66 suggestions are not focusing on SMB.

      May the sessions with the most interest win, not the ones that did the best voter mobilization.

      I guess, welcome to the democracy, Mark.

      1. Marian Harris
        Actually, two of the three presentations are not focused on SMB, they simply happen to be from SMB companies – relevant for anyone.
  2. Former Member Post author
    As promised, the voting for the best TechEd external session has been extended until the 24th of June.

    The beauty is, you can change your mind and your vote, until we close it.

    I hear some people are selling their vote to the highest bidder on eBay. Category “SAP TechEd Ticket”.

    Good luck to everyone offering a session, Mark.

  3. Former Member Post author
    If you haven’t done so, please cast your: vote today.
    Thanks, Mark.
    Correction: Last day is tomorrow Thursday the 24th. I guess I wasn’t totally awake yet, when I first wrote the comment.

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