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Well, I’m officially amazed. The response to the NW4Dummies book has been overwhelming. When we came up with this crazy idea for a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand book about NetWeaver, I never could have imagined the huge success it would have.

I don’t know if its a comment on the lack of good materials about NW today or the complexity of NW, but so many SAP customers and partners came up to us at Sapphire and were just gushing with praise for the book. Makes it hard to be humble ๐Ÿ™‚

In general, we wrote this book as a “what is it” manual, rather than a technical manual. I would suggest the techies on SDN read Part 3, which contains the Developer Studio, Composite Application Framework and Visual Composer chapters. Pretty interesting for all the propellerheads out there.

Really, this book is for anyone who wants to get their hands around what exactly NetWeaver is, what it’s capable of and a few good examples of what it looks like in action. Everyone from the CEO on down can get a lot out of the book, its not just for IT guys. You can get all the nitty-gritty technical details here on SDN, so just enjoy flipping thru the book and don’t strain your brain too much. Its supposed to be the “fun and easy way to learn”.

To make it easier for you guys to get your hands on the book, SDN will post several of the more techie chapters on the homepage over the next few months.

And for those of you who have read this far into my blog, I’ve got a special surprise for you. SDN has purchased a few copies that you can get for FREE. Go to and type in the discount code “specialoffer” to get a free copy. You just pay for shipping. So order a copy for your boss or the business guy, so he’ll stop asking you all those stupid questions ๐Ÿ™‚

Egos aside, I really would like to hear everyone’s opinion on the book– good or bad. We’re thinking of maybe doing a few more SAP-related books in the Dummies style, so your vote counts!

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  1. Christopher Solomon
    “Doh!” ….I just read this blog AFTER I ordered the book via Amazon. (haha) No “freebie” for me. Oh well, I hope it helps send some royalities your way. From what I have seen, nothing but good reviews all around, so I am anxious to read it. And although some may consider it “light reading” for the folks around here, it never hurts to have another book to carry with me on the plane or out to the pool or into the “library”. =)


    1. Pankaj Kumar
      So did I. But the book is good. I have read the first few chapters and I like the way things are presented. Would write more on it cuz a 26 hour journey for me is coming up and this should be a good companion.
                1. Former Member Post author
                  No option for a softcopy per copyright restrictions from the publisher.  They’ve given us a few selected chapters to make availible thru SDN, so keep checking back.


              1. You can order it, but the postage alone will cost you 50% more than if you order it from Amazon… unless you opt for “non-registered” package, which might not be too safe, according to the nice lady I received an explanation from.

                So, I guess the “free” option only applies to the US citizens.


                1. Former Member Post author
                  We’re doing the best we can! ๐Ÿ™‚  The free books are physically located in the US, so yes, it will cost more to get them overseas.  The books are free, getting them to you is not.

                  Sorry for the inconvienence,

          1. Mark Finnern
            What I like a lot about The Simpsons is that at the end of every episode through some twist of fate they are back to being a happy dysfunctional family ๐Ÿ™‚

            The twist of fate in this SDN story is that we send to Christopher Solomon, Dagfinn Parnas and Pankaj Kumar an Amazon gift certificate as a small token of our appreciation for being so on top it.

            Keep up the good work, Mark.
            P.S. Sorry it took us a while to get around to it.

  2. Former Member
    When I tried to process the purchase, it gave me an error

    Database.RunSP(spAlter_Customer_Info_Customer1, …) -> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ‘80040e14’

    Could not find stored procedure ‘spAlter_Customer_Info_Customer1’.

    /index.asp, line 1226

    Any comments

  3. Former Member
    Everyone is saying that netweaver is the new SAP, basically R4 so it’s no surprise that the demand and interest is big.  I got the book through and a couple of collegues as well which we all appreciate!  What a great new SAP we are seeing now with more openness, free quality books, downloadable previews of the latest software and even a SAP for dummies series.  The fact that Netweaver brings SAP to the forefront of technology again is the most important fact though, SAP has got it right with Netweaver and the whole SAP world can breathe more easily and look forward to upgrading and improving their business with these new products. 
  4. Former Member
    For those of you, who are more interested in technical descriptions with more details, please read the NetWeaver Guide here on SDN. (You’ll find a Quick Link from every component homepage, e.g. Enterprise Portal, Knowledge Management etc.)

    Have fun.


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