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Top Technorati

Technorati offers great    ways to keep on top of what people are writing about in Blogland with their    Newstalk,    Booktalk and Current    Events services. David Sifry presented Technorati at the Future    Salon two months ago. I guess that’s why I got a personal invitation to    the first Technorati    Developers Salon. (I wonder where he got that slick name from 🙂 ? Actually    I found out only later, that there is a Berkeley    Cybersalon happening for many years already. Would I have known that from    the beginning, I probably would have called my futurists gathering something    else.)

Here are some of my thoughts to the Technorati offerings from an SAP Developer    Network perspective:

My first interest was of course, what are people writing about SAP? Technorati    comes back with an error message: “term to short”, when I just search for “SAP“.    Only when you input the whole URL    one gets 4 pages of results. I discovered some, that are writing about NetWeaver, excellent,    although I think that there should be more than 4 pages, after all SAP is the third largest independent software company.

My second search was about SDN:    According to Technorati there are only 10 links that point to SDN. In part that    is our own doing, we could be more open. We are working on changing that, but as we experience right now once you have gone in the direction of requesting sign-in it is not that easy to turn the tide.

It is probably also the reason, why our few external links, don’t show on the    Technorati radar. Example Stefan Klensch links in his What is Web Dynpro? An Attempt at an Answer. blog to Struts(CX),    but that does not register in the Technorati search results for

I think the Technorati    API could come really handy as addition to the mySAP CRM solution: The sales    person checks before going out to a customer not only it’s open orders or invoices,    but also what bloggers have written lately about that company. That information    could be easily integrated using the API.

Tomorrow evening I am going to be at Technorati Developers Salon and we may    discuss some of the things mentioned above.   Please let me know what else would make Technorati more useful to you and I will be    your ambassador.

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      Author's profile photo Joerg Wegener
      Joerg Wegener
      ... are cookies. I disabled them on my private computer by default, and every time I want to log on, I have to enable them, remembering to switch them off later. It would be great if that could be changed (session id in the URL or such).

      Just my $0.02

      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Blog Post Author
      The more I think about it, from a large corporation standpoint you want to have the Technorati functionality within your intranet too.

      Who is talking/knows about what, within the worldwide network of employees of a Fortune 500 company?

      Similar to the Google Enterprise Appliance" that brings the power of Google to your intranet (although I heard quite some tuning is necessary), there should be "Technorati in a Box", a server that you plug into your intranet and reap the benefits of the analysis of your link connections without exposing your company secrets.

      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams
      As great as SDN is, it will remain an isolated island in the collaborative sea that is the Web as long as authentication is required for access.

      The power of any website available to the world is amplified greatly by tools like Google, Technorati, Daypop, and, because these tools can access their content.

      SAP needs to embrace, not fight off, the Internet.

      Just think of how much better it would be if things in SDN - weblog entries, comments, forum posts, and so on - would turn up in search results on Google, and if people could easily point to things from their (non-SDN) weblogs and writings - they don't do that now as many readers are resistant to click through to a site with access control.

      Just an opinion-in-a-rush before I go off to my next meeting, of course 🙂